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My friend is an agency RN, who worked as a charge nurse at a nursing home last noc. An 18 yr old CNA asked to leave early. She was not sick, just wanted to leave to go out w/ friends. This would have... Read More

  1. by   stressednurse
    Humm, I work long term care. Big facility and we have dementia and subacute along with rehab covers 9 units....a total of 325 beds. And as a staff nurse and supervisor, I can honestly say we don't put up with this kinda crap. Administration puts an end to abusive family members too. Yes they are demanding at times but 'NO No's' are, threatening staff, waving fingers at staff, yelling room, hall or at nurses desk and the really hated....every 10 minute stalker. If you want that kind of care, take em home and hire a private agency.
    I guess I would like to say that not all long term care facilities are bad and not all of em pay bad either.
    We are seeing a lot of nurses leaving hospitals to come here because of our more stable environment, long term care is where the jobs are gonna be.
    Plus we have staff in all areas that have been here for over 20 years.
    And YEH, most of the time I love my job. I am doing what I want to do and I am allowed to do that. I enjoy being a patient advocate and working with lots of people with the same feelings.
    Check out what is happening in the little town of Mars PA.
    Yes we do have a space ship in town. LOL
    Also I have 11 years of critical care experience, 14 in pre-hospital, one in med-surg and five as a nurse aide. I think I have found my next temporary nitch.
    I really do not like to see poor management problems, nurses are so much above that crap.
  2. by   Alnamvet
    When the tail begins to wag the dog, it's time to put down the beast. Best solution is to eliminate CNA's....PERIOD! Plenty of EMT's, Paramedics, and nursing students who need a part time, are better, and more broadly trained, and who are willing to work. No need for CNA's these days.
  3. by   pokey sn
    Alnamvet, I TOTALLY disagree with you on that point. What we need are cna's that understand that the nurse is the one who directs the activities on the unit and not aides. Without CNA's, care in the LTC's would be horrific. Nurses have between 15-30 patients, on a good day, and do not have time to do the ADL's or even sit and talk with patients. CNA's are able to provide that caring touch. Patients also need CNA's because they need continuity in their caregivers. Not ALL CNA's have attitudes. Some really love their jobs. Don't bash all CNA's. They are to be applauded for the hard, dirty work that they do year after year.
    that's my two cents
  4. by   Headhurt
    Too bad that particular agency didn't have the cahones to just refuse to send anyone else from their agency to that particular facility if they are going to treat their staff that way. There are plenty other places that you can send your staff to.
  5. by   starcandy
    I worked in LTC for years, as a CNA, and LPN and an RN. I have had more bad mgmt., bad CNAs, and wacked-out DON experiences than I can begin to tell.
    I agree, this problem is what led me to get my RN and explore other options. I love the patients, but I could not continue with the dysfunctional work environments I have encountered. I observed an incident where a fellow nurse was actually assaulted by a CNA and most of the staff thought that the person deserved the assault. It was all over a disagreement on the CNA assignment
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