free CEU's

  1. We got this site from work. You are supposed to be able to earn up to 8 or 10 CEU's for free. I just now registered on it and am pretty sure it is legit. Just thought Id share the wealth. Anyhoo, here is the site:
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  3. by   truern
    Thanks for the link, but where did you find the CEUs??
  4. by   chenoaspirit
    You earn them on that website
  5. by   chip193
    I'm a fan of

    It's free - and there's lots of them! And they're all Category A AACN credits.
  6. by   CIRQL8
    try - free ceu's, free e-mail service

    also, - 1 free ceu offering a month, or unlimited for about 30.00 monthly

    look at

    johnson and johnson has - there is a link to the point of view magazine there, which has free ceu's. two issues per year (four different programs) (three different programs)

    i know that there is more out there... but these are a few...

    and, allnurses has this page with links...