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For experienced nurses, can you honestly and with 100% conviction encourage someone to become a nurse?... Read More

  1. by   micro
    I can't picture anything diff.........cause I am not geared to it.............
  2. by   fab4fan
    If someone felt that nursing was the only thing in the world he/she wanted to do...that there was nothing else as a career option, then I guess I wouldn't try to talk him/her out of it. However, I would want that person to know all the pros and cons...not just the "warm fuzzies."
  3. by   micro
    for is just not passing tylenols.......
  4. by   MassLPN
    I can't say that I go out of my way to suggest nursing as a field for anyone to go into. If someone asks my opinion, I give them a very candid account of my nursing career, and let them take it from there. There's a lot to consider, as we all know, and these days more than in the past, it takes a very special and determined person to make it in nursing.
  5. by   micro
    Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   babs_rn
    [/QUOTE] YES< I can get off a plane ANYWHERE in the WORLD an have a job (only those who ever understood unemploymet and living on hard-boiled eggs and Mac and cheese can understand this) .....I will always have a job. [/B][/QUOTE]

    1996-1998. Nursing layoffs. Impossible to get a hospital job. Wound up working at McD's for minimum wage. I was lucky to get even that job because I was "overqualified" for everything else...they were just desperate. Then I went to work at a small hotel (part of a national well-known chain) that employed 3!! RNs - me as night audit manager, one as head of housekeeping, and one to run the breakfast room. In this climate you can't be assured of always having a job. With the shortage on, sure...but it will cycle back out. I always used to believe that jobs would always be out there...but they weren't. Now I've lost that security.

    I would only recommend nursing to someone who is young and does not intend to have a family if they want to do hospital nursing; or to someone who has a spouse who can financially support them if they need normal working hours. That's it. It's just not fair to family (especially the kids) to have a mom or dad who is either working or sleeping all the time.
    Those 12 hour shifts are nice if you have enough days off in between - but if you do, then you're working a bunch in a row and there is no existence outside of work on those days, and it usually takes a couple of days to recover and catch up on all the stuff that needs to be taken care of outside of work. So you maybe get a day or two to enjoy before you're back at it.

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  8. by   micro
    scrappy...........gotta love your simplicity.......and truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   mjamesRN
    the patients are wonderful...real humanity as never seen in any other profession....the corporate part of it stinks...
  10. by   nursebarb
    yes,i would encourage anyone who wanted to become a nurse.we all know its not an easy job,the paperwork alone is enough to drive you nuts.but at least once a week one of my patients will say something totally sweet to me.and i go home feeling good ,that i have made a good choice on becoming a nurse
    and would not want to do anything else.
  11. by   caddie
    After 15 plus years of nursing, I've seen it all. Nurses, CNA's of today don't share the same committment, dedication of years gone by. In the past nurses, and cna's would take pride in their job. Today all you find is staffing shortage. People calling in with flimsy excuses, leaving co-workers shorthanded. Case in point. I"m a 24hr weekend supervisor who works EVERY weekend and fight the battle of trying to get help in the longterm care facility I work. I'm constantly on the phone calling perdiem staff and agencies alike but all to NO AVAIL. Today I had 2 CNAs call=in on a 41 bed subacute unit, in which I normally have 5 CNAs. Had to shuffle staff around, leaving other shifts short. It's a continual ongoing battle. Many of my friends and peers have LEFT nursing, frustrated and discouraged because management let's shortages go on , in turn, burning out the good dedicated nurses. If I had it to do over , I would do something else. Many novice nurses are already looking for other careers. Nurses are overworked, under appreciated and dispensable. So I would therefore advice young people to seek another occupation.
  12. by   offdoodykcrn
    Tough call. Things have really changed in the past 15 years, then again, maybe not. If you go into it for the money or job security (whatever that is) - you can do much better with half the effort elsewhere. If you go into for the satisfaction of helping others - and want to make a difference in people's lives in a big way - go for it. That is what keeps me here.
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    Where did Wildtime go anyway?