Flirting at work

  1. I work in LTC and I was wondering if anyone receives many compliments from pts, their family members, co workers, doctors, or EMS workers. I have saw one of the doctors try to get dates with nurses. I have saw EMS workers give phone numbers to nurses. One of the housekeepers married a CNA. I have had one mans dad (the pt is 32 and his father is around early 50's) flirt and wanted me to call him. I had one pt try to get me to date her grandson and he was in to it. It is like I am in a SEX-WARD or somthing. I sometimes feel like when I get ready for work I don't want to wear make up or fix my hair or wear lotion, so I don't smell good. This is crazy. I was just wondering about others.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I think most places of employment are like a soap opera. Just a sad sign of the times. . . .

  4. by   nialloh
    Don't be surprised, just look at how nurses are portrayed on TV. It gives the idea that all nurses are willing to be hit on, not that it has ever happened to me. Maybe because I'm a guy
  5. by   Mama Val
    First let me say, I do flirt, but there is a time and place and a line not to cross when you do.
    But like steph said said most places of employment are like soap operas. We have one nurse that flirts with almost everybody, she crosses that line when she is standing in the hall and showing off her new bellybutton ring though. :imbar She and another nurse were both sleeping with the same guy (whom they both work with) at the same time and didn't realize it, they both dumped the guy and the 2 are still friends:kiss She stills goes a little further than I would, but lets face it she is really pretty and can get a way with it (yes I know thats not an excuse, but its life). She is one of the nicest people to work with.
  6. by   RN2007
    Have any of you seen the video that I think is called, "Give me or
    Gimmee"..?. It shows several black lady nurses in white uniforms walking down a corridor in some hospital or facility singing, winking and suggestively swaying their hips while they eye everything of the opposite sex including adult and geriatric patients, and babies, and sings, "Give me, Give me, Give me, Gimme, gimme, gimme,", and sing this over and over, with other phrases such as, "I will give you want you want H-o-n-e-y, but ya got to give me, give me, give me, gimme gimme gimme... "" "" , " "...

    This video - "Gimme" comes on every morning in succession like clockwork, with "Woman Like You by Michael Bolton, and some "Floetic video around 5:15 am on Lifetime channel. The Gimme video is really a hoot to watch but with the way it comes on every morning it is like I am reliving what happened in GroundHog Day over and over and over... I have actually woke up my hubby to watch this Gimme video in the early am and he thought it was funny.

    Now really, can you imagine if this idea of nurses is constantly pounded into the human psyche every morning, where some of these sexist attitudes are coming from, lol?? Now don't get me wrong, I am not against harmless flirting because a lot of it is innocent and really many times nothing is meant by it other than a showing of appreciation for another person, but it is sad how some occupations are portrayed as being "sexy" and are the butt of many kinky nurse dress up of jokes, ya know, and we all have heard about many of these. It makes you wonder what some people think that nursing is all about or rather what some perverts would like it to be about. Anyway, just wanted to mention those videos since I had never seen anyone else say anything about them. ....April
  7. by   jemb
    I don't believe this is unique to the healthcare industry. There are horny people everywhere, and innappropriate behavior regardless of where you work.

    Just remember, their behavior reflects on them, not on you!
  8. by   fairyprincess2003
    I know what you guys/girls mean
    At the hospital where I worked there were always a ton of guys hitting on me. From the docs to the housekeepers to whoever. Sometimes it is flattering, but other times you get fed up like, Let me just do my job and leave me alone! Now the one I want to hit on me never did He would just stare and smile at me often.
  9. by   obeyacts2
    I know there is the opinion that nurses get unwanted attention becuase of our portrayals in the media, but I have another theory- its the fact that we wear uniforms and some people find uniforms sexy. My Dh has discovered this the hard way.....he is in security and has gotten his share...he hates it and gets very upset.

  10. by   renerian
    It happened at the hospital at the time.....

  11. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
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  12. by   GAstudent
    Ok, now that I know everyone goes through this it makes me feel a little better. I just hate that they know I am married and have two small kids and are like well that's ok they don't have to know or well you know there is a court for divorce. I am 30 years younger then the pts father.

    What made me start this thread was the father. I had just met him yesterday and the man (say his name is BEN) Ben said to the son (in front of me) I wish I was in here to have this pretty girl assist me." and I just looked at him and then he kept saying this of that nature and I just walked out. Later when the father and son returned from Church he started at it again. Well at the end of my shift the pt said can you call my dad for me. the pt said well he left me a message to call him and told me to press Play on his answering machine. So I did. Well the message said that Ben had to talk to his son, and said to have his aide call him for the pt. If (my name) is around have her call me. Well I called Ben for the pt and they talked and then he wanted to talk to me and started asking me questions about my family and if I was happy. I said yes very happy and we are working on out third child. Well I got off the phone and just laughed with one of the male nurses. He said your having a baby! I said "Nope, but got that man to leave me alone" hopefully he will leave me alone now.

    I also wish that I could just be left alone and do my job. Now some of the old men flirt and say things WAY out of Line but I just brush those off because some of them don't realize what they are saying is unappropriate.

    I agree that tv makes nurses out to be a sexy job. When my husband says I am in school for nursing to his co workers or friends they will say "I hope she is my nurse" or they will say oh I bet she dresses in a nurse uniform for you during sex. So I do agree that tv puts nurses in this image of nursing being sexy jobs. Maybe it is the uniform thing. But if you have ever been in a sex store or something like that and if you have seen the nurses uniforms for bed, they are short dresses (nothing like what I wear to work).
  13. by   KidsLuvMe
    I never really have this problem... people usually start to look at me funny when they first see me pick my nose or my wedgie. I don't know what's up with them? but other than that I just try to be friendly and polite and not burp when someone else is talking.

  14. by   RN2007
    Sorry to mention it again but I did not hear anyone say that they say the same TV video that I talked about in my earlier post about nurses? If so, what did you think about the video?