Finding a good fit.

  1. Keep in mind below, I am 18 years old and not yet in school but I have been wondering about this and thought I might get some interesting answers from you all on this subject.

    I read everyones thoughts here on different areas of nursing,ask questions and read lots of books but I still am 100% unsure what area of nursing I would like to go in. Psych seems like a favorite but maybe a little bit on the boring side? Med-Surg seems like a perfect first choice. CC units do not interest to much, not now anyway, that could very well change.

    I am really an analyzer thinker. I am at my best when I can analyze something,anything. Esp when it involves people. That is why I think Psych might be interesting.

    So, How did YOU find the area of Nursing which you felt was the best for you? Did you make the decision while doing clinicals or did you take the long road and try several different areas? And how long did it take you to find and realize your area of work you most enjoyed?
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  3. by   A/A/OX3
    Hi Michael,

    I am critical care, through and through. My favorite sight is an IV forest. The very best part of ICU is that it is so darn cerebral. ER has the heat but somebody is always thinking for you.

    I have been doing this for 13 years. My oldest daughter does surgical heart ICU. My oldest son is a traveler, out in Denver at the moment and ICU as well. We all agree. The more bells and whistles the better.

    I remember when I was in nursing school. Rotation after rotation there was no fit. I was depressed and remember getting a hug from one of the instructors while crying on her shoulder about it (something I NEVER do). She said, "When you get there, you'll know... trust me". The following semester put me in ICU for two weeks. The double doors opened with a punch, the rush of air hit my face and I strolled in. There in front of me were 8 on the brassiest babes I had ever met... not one, eight. I was in hog heaven. I love the attitude, the guts, the intellect and compassion of ICU nurses. I love watching the 'windows' appear, sorting through my bag of tricks, knowing what needs to be done and turning something bad into little miracles.

    Though I respect floor nursing, I could never go there. I need close, intense contact with the patients I care for. I, too, loved my psych rotation, but after sitting in with the docs at the end of the day and listening to them belittle the patients and joke at their expense, I knew I could never be a part of the hypocrisy.

    As a crusty old ICU RN I repeat to you the advice that was passed on to me... "When you get there, you'll know... trust me".
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  4. by   Tweety
    Hi Michael. When you start doing clinicals in nursing school you will get a better idea of what is out there and what you like. And you can always change your mind.

    I've done many years of med-surg nursing, to include med-surg trauma, neuro, telemetry, oncology, and general surgery.

    I find what bjt says about critical care true to my day to day job as well: " love watching the 'windows' appear, sorting through my bag of tricks, knowing what needs to be done and turning something bad into little miracles. "

    I think ICU is my next stop, as I've run the gamut of med-surg nursing.

    There's always room to grow, change and experiment.

    I hated Pysch. But I made the highest grades of 60 students in Pysch nursing, on every mock board, and the med-surg certification I scored off the roof in Pysch. But hate it. Go figure. Maybe I'm too loony for it. LOL

    Good luck! It will come to you.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Clinical experiences help point out to you what would work and what would not purty quickly. If not, try floating. That helps. Good luck.
  6. by   AHarri66
    I went into nursing school with every intention of becoming a nurse midwife. I understand reproductive health almost intrinsically, and having had awesome experiences with CNMs and Women's Health NPs, I thought that was my spot.

    Four years later, I am no closer to the maternity ward than I was before I started school. Instead I did a stint in LTC and Rehab, then on to acute care med/surg and telemetry. I HATED cardiac in school, with a passion! But now...

    I've accepted a position in post-cath recovery, and hope to go on to the cath lab, or maybe a Cardiovascular-NP, who knows? I like cardiac now, I find it fascinating. There is still a lot for me to learn, and I look forward to the challenge.

    Sometimes what you think you like isn't "it" for you...sometimes it is. Many nurses have told me they changed areas numerous times before they found their "niche." Some never settle in one area because they like the challenge of learning new things.

    Good luck! With your inquisitive spirit, you should do well.