feeling overwhelmed

  1. I am a new R.N. of 10 months. I currently am employed a sub acute rehab faciltity for the last 6 weeks and worked long term care before that. I fee as though I can not retain anything because I just am not given enough time to think about what it is that I am doing. I have been offered a position as a unit manager at my current facility and just do not think that i am either qualified or ready to take on this task. My DON believes that I am a great fit for the job because it is a more business oriented position than it is nursing......I have never had a great deal of confidence in myself and feel like i'm in a fog all the time andjust can't retain what is happening around me becuase of the pace the job. I am responsible for giving meds doing treatments and admitting new patients on a 20 bed hallway........ I guess I just need talked off the ledge!!!!!
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  3. by   classicdame
    you are not being asked to make a lifetime commitment. Take the job, learn what you can, and if you learn this is not for you then at least you benefited from that experience.
  4. by   ChasingRain
    I completely understand the "feeling like I'm in a fog". Things go so fast sometimes that our heads are spinning with info, what's the right way, what's the wrong way. etc.....But, even though we don't realize it we are usually learning more than we think. Apparently, you are learning and doing better than you think because you wouldn't have been offered this position if you weren't...So, that's a really good thing....However, if you don't feel comfortable taking a position, and feel YOU aren't ready then tell your DON that you appreciate the offer but would rather wait until you have more experience. You should never be pressured into a job that you aren't ready for because it could hurt your career if it doesn't go well. And you can believe that no one will blame your DON for it; they will blame you.
  5. by   onetiredmomma
    I so agree with chasingrain! The only thing I would add would be to see if your DON would agree to a trial period in the new position with the understanding that if either of you don't feel it is working out you could come back to your current position (if that is what you would want to do) Get it in writing, no verbal agreement. Good luck!
  6. by   gr8rnpjt
    Sorry, I had to comment..your post came up reading, "Feeling overwhelmed by rectal itch" and I had to respond because I can so relate...joke.

    If your DON believes you can handle this job, it really would behoove you to take the position. Any concerns you have, bring up before you accept, and if she still feels strongly that you can handle this position then make sure you have her ok to go back to your old job if it doesn't work out for you..
  7. by   RNperdiem
    You say you are a new RN being offered a position in management.
    Is this a second career for you where you have previous management experience? Would this be your career goal? If so, then you know what to do.
    Your confidence is only going to be earned every day you work, there are no shortcuts.
    What looks like a potential escape route is being offered, but politely decline saying you are not ready yet.
  8. by   sbbnurse
    This same exact thing happened to me four months ago! I jumped made the leap and am SOOOO very happy that I did! Everyone here in my facility knew that I was the "newbie" on the block and everyone has been extremely helpful! I think you need to think about that also, the person that you will be answering to, is that person helpful?! I am so blessed to have a wonderful boss!! Good Luck to you and please feel free to contact me if you need any advice?!
  9. by   Keepstanding
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  10. by   roser13
    Personally, I wouldn't take the management position if you're still feeling overwhelmed. A failure at this early point in your career could be very damaging to your confidence as a new RN. I would thank the DON for the offer, explain that I would like to get at least one more year of experience under my belt, and to please consider me for future openings.