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Been on nocs now for only 2 nights. 10 hour shifts and my body feels like ----. How long does it take to adjust to this shift? Feel very disoriented and kinda deprressed. Does this get better with... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Kate
    Two days isn't near long enough to tell whether or not you're going to like and adjust to working nights. Give it time and follow the suggestions that have been given here.
    When I was working nights as a young nurse I used to obsess on sleep. Everything was about sleep. If I wasn't asleep I worried about getting to sleep, not getting enough sleep. In later years I stopped obsessing and slept a bit better. But I'd have killed to get 6 hrs sleep. I still remember the day I slept 10 hrs. It only happened once. It was wonderful.
    I loved working nights. Nurses keep away the bogey man at night. In other words, we are there to prevent all the bad things that can happen when no one else is looking after the patient but us. I have always felt patients who need a nurse need them so much more t night. It's a special time to do nursing. I also like the relationships that grow up among night nurses. In small hospitals you need and depend on each other so much. The nurses I care for the most date from my years on nights.
    I guess that's part of the reason when I get disgusted with my dysfunctional boss, I think about going back on nights in spite of the fact I sleep so poorly during the day.
  2. by   NurseDianne
    It does get easier hon! At least for us "NIGHT OWLS". I love night shift. Work from 7a-7p. After work, I (we) my husband works the same shift, eat breakfast, relax. 3 mornings a weeks we attend classes. I get home around 2:30 on those days. I sleep for a few hours then go at it again. I don't require alot of sleep 4-5 hrs at most. Sometimes if I'm really tired I lay down an hour before school for the POWER NAP. Does wonders for me
    I do try to keep my schedule where I don't work the night before class but it doesnt' work like that most of the time.
    Other days, I eat, come home, shower and hit the sack, which is then my honey's and my time.......:imbar :kiss for a little while, great sleep aid.........
    Then we sleep until 1. Up and at em', time for my daughter to get home by 4 and I'm wide awake.
    But, you either love nights or hate them. I wouldn't change for the world. WE are one big happy family on our shift.
  3. by   lovebigdogs
    I have been working nights since I graduated college-2.5 yrs ago. I do it becuase I like being home with my kiddos during the day and being able to drive them to dance class and soccer. I cannot say that I am used to nights...I am always tired and sometimes cranky(at least my husband thinks so). Thank goodness I only work 3-12s. I couldn't do it otherwise.