Feedback for those who struggle with the Science?!!

  1. Ok, I would really appreciate some advice regarding the Science aspect of nursing/material. Do you have to absolutely LOVE science to do well in nursing????
    I am asking this because I am a pre-Nursing student and don't particularly love the whole grand scheme of science, however there are many things I do enjoy learning about like reproduction, diseases, viruses, drug interactions, etc...just not EVERY detail of the science picture! I usually just memorize everything regarding A&P and seem to do well; I just don't want that to hurt me while I'm in Nursing school!
    I am currently a Psychiatric Technician and love the psych. specialty which I plan on going that route as a nurse! I am just scared that the science aspect of nursing will hinder me since I am not all that excited about learning that material, as I am other ones???????!!!
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I loved anatomy and physiology and did well in those, but I almost flunked micro because I couldn't see what I was supposed to be learning. It was years before I felt even halfway comfortable with anything micro-related. I am a good nurse and have been one for nearly 20 years now, so no, you don't have to love science to be a good nurse.
  4. by   The Bell Jar
    Nope,I am from an arts background,and I just have to study,study,study.
  5. by   fgoff
    No, I don't think a you have to LOVE Science to do well in nursing. However a basic understanding will go a long way in making you a better nurse.
    Memorizing facts goes a long way in passing a test. But in nursing we use science as the bases for our actions. Example: pt has right sided congestive heart failure the nurse looks for swelling in the feet & ankles. The nurse then protects the feet from injury and elevates them to assist in returning the blood to the heart.

    It is not just what a nurse does. It is the why. It is the use of science that supports our actions that makes us professional nurses.
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from fgoff
    It is not just what a nurse does. It is the why. It is the use of science that supports our actions that makes us professional nurses.
    Good post!

    I personally didn't love every itty-bitty bit about nursing - in both the art and the science aspects of it. Some of the theoretical stuff was (and some still is) way over my head.

    But I love the general science part of it and enjoy using my knowledge in evaluation of client condition (just like in the example fgoff pointed out). I basically like the science of the human body - very fascinating
  7. by   RNin'08
    Science can be a tough arena. Study, study, study. You don't have to love every bit of it to be able to get a good understanding of it. The areas you enjoy more will come a little easier and the stuff you don't get into will require a little more time and effort. You can still be a great nurse

    ~my reality check bounced~
  8. by   Demonsthenes
    I'm an R.N. with a B.S. in Biochemistry. I am currently tutoring nursing students both in basic nursing courses and in basic science courses.
    The foundation of both the sciences and nursing is basic logic, inductive and deductive reasoning. I suggest that you obtain a basic book in basic logic and read the same. I am not being facicious. I, often, read books on logic and argumentation as I find them entertaining.
    Otherwise, I suggest that you find tutoring assistance in your basic science courses.:wink2: