Excited in Portland

  1. Hi Everybody!

    A year and a half ago my life changed when I put all my focus on becoming a nurse. After many prereq classes, and considerable luck, i was selected by lottery for a seat in the Fall 2002 RN program at Portland Community College. It's a big deal for me, and I cried when I found out. There were many people trying to get a seat, and getting a seat in many of the nursing prereq classes was not always assured either.

    This message is basically to express my excitement and joy. It feels so good to be on my way even further; I'm sure you all can relate. Thank you for sharing my joy! I'm sure i will have plenty to learn and add here. this is so wonderful. i bring with me a fresh additude
    Mario (still glowing with the news)
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  3. by   P_RN
    Hi Mario. Welcome to the family!
  4. by   Cascadians
    Mario, congratulations!

    Do you know if PCC is planning to add more class capacity so more people can proceed with the RN program?

    Is there any indication that shortage = effort to include more people in training?

    Do you know what the supply / demand numbers are like for your program?
  5. by   mommyrn
    Congratulations! I am a first year nursing student and I cried too when I was accepted to my program because there is such a long waiting list. I was willing to wait forever if that's how long it was going to take because I want to be a nurse so desperately! I am enjoying nursing school so much, although it is grueling hours of studying, and with two small children, that's even more difficult, but I want to be a nurse with all my body and soul, and so that keeps me going.

    Good luck to you, and welcome to the family of soon-2-b nurses!
  6. by   Marijke
    I remember getting my letter in the mail, one of the most exciting days in my life, I will never forget.
    Good luck

  7. by   mario_ragucci
    Many fellow prereq classmates commented as to how hard it is to get into science classes. Students, understandably, complain there is not enough nursing schools (in the Portland area) and also complain about the hoops to jump through. It all seems so far away to me now that I have a seat.
    There is undoubtedly varying programs for RN at different schools. I'll cry again after I pass the monster test I understand all RN's must pass (national test)
    Thank you all who wish me well as I pass through this common hallway
  8. by   LilgirlRN
    wtg mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   GPatty
    Hi Mario and welcome to our boards! You'll meet some very kind folks here who are in the same boat or at least, have been. Sit back and browse around and have a great time! Nursing school is the best!
  10. by   mommyrn
    Hi again Mario. I am wondering if you're going into a 2 or 4 year program, and what science classes and other prereqs you still have to take.. (if any)? My suggestion to anyone in nursing school is to get ALL of the prereqs out of the way BEFORE starting nursing because taking them together is really tough.
  11. by   shavsha
    I graduated in June from Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, OR. I loved nursing school (most of the time ) and I love my job as a med/surg nurse now. CONGRATULATIONS and keep posting!!
  12. by   nurseyoda
    Great job !!! This will be a wonderful year!
  13. by   debbyed
    Congratulations and Best Wishes. I'm sure yu'll do great.
  14. by   picu75rn

    I graduated from the University of Portand some 26 yrs ago and I am still excited to hear about someone starting. I do hope you have some training at Emmanuel Hospital for Pediatrics and PICU. It is a terrific place for kids!!!
    Good luck!!!!