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  1. Any nurses who earned their degree from Excelsior College I've read both good and bad posts about excelsior college. Has anyone gotten a degree and now is an RN. How is it really. I heard it's more expensive then regular college. What's the real deal???
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  3. by   Mkue
    hi, i've heard good and bad like you have, but more good things i guess. i know someone that is interested in doing it but she hasn't signed up yet.

    i hear that it's really tough ! so maybe that's a good thing. i would like to know more about the passing rates i guess before i did anything like that.

    i think someone posted once that they did it in 7 months if i'm not mistaken.

  4. by   christianRN
    I graduated from Excelsior College last November, and passed RN boards in December. It took me about 18 months, while working full-time, and not pushing myself at all. I had $5000 to $10000 wrapped up in it. You have to be very self-motivated, and a single study person. I absolutely loved the bookwork part of it; I feel like I learned a lot, and I got to apply it daily in the acute care setting I worked in as an LPN. The only bad part for me was I had to retake the clinical ($1300 plus travel, time off work, and lots of humiliation!!) because of one of the lab activities. I aced all of my patient care situations. I feel like they were fair, but they really leave themselves open to fail anybody for any reason. You just have to memorize, memorize, practice, memorize, for the clinical. YOu only have 3 chances to pass the clinical, or you have wasted all of your time and money on the bookwork, so you can imagine the nerves the second time around. There was a girl when I went the 1st time, and she was taking it her third time, and failed it. SO she will never be able to take it again, and all her bookwork, time, and money are down the drain. I'm glad I did it, because I made a lot of money and didn't have to take school loans, because I worked a lot while I was doing it, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had enrolled in an LPN-RN transition program locally, I wouldn't really reccomend it to anyone, because of the intensity of the clinical, and the necessity that you be self-motivated. I would hate to encourage someone to do something that might waste their time and money. All that said, it was the complete grace of God I passed at all. This might be way too much info. Please post if you have any further questions!!!
  5. by   spongebob1871
    i just started with excelsior. so far so good, but it does require a lot of self motivation.

    christianRN-did you use any study aids? also what can i do to prepare for the CPNE? i have the study guide prepared by Excelsior. What exactly should i memorize. Currently i am working as a Patient Care Tech, is there anything that i could do while at work that would help me prepare for the exam?

    Thank You :-)
  6. by   christianRN
    HI SPongeBOb! I used RUE study company. I think another brand of study company is CHancellor's? I am more of an auditory learner, so to study for the CPNE, I audio-taped myself listing the critical elements of each area of care, and just listened to it in the car, while walking, etc. I don't know exactly what setting you work in, but if the nurses will spend some time, letting you watch them give shots, meds, take their BPs manually, apical pulses, etc, that would probably be helpful (everything proper technique). Also when it comes to your CPNE, I practiced every last detail, on my family members a couple of times. I think those are the main things I would advise. If I can be of any more help, please post!!
  7. by   Debbs
    The key at Excelsior is MEMORIZATION of the CPNE studyguide in detail. The fail rate when I took it was about 50%. Some of the instructors use intimidation tactics very well, some were very understanding and seemed to want you to pass. A daunting experience! I passed, but have not yet considered Excelsior for the BSN as their fail rate for the HAPE is currently around 66 percent. I don't know if I am ready for this level of stress again and am considering an online program.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    my hat is off to each of you for going this route to obtain your various degrees! all the best to you!
  9. by   dimplesLPN
    I'm a GPN. I want to keep on going for my RN, but I don't want to go to a local college. As I was going to school, in my clinicals, the nurses were talking about to a LPN-RN program called Regence. Is that the same as Excelsior.
  10. by   jnette
    The former Regents has been renamed Excelsior. Same College.

    Excellent program if you want to continue working fulltime and are extremely self disciplined and motivated when it comes to studying. I graduated from Excelsior in Dec., took the clinicals exam in October. Did not use Rue, Chancellors, Istudy or any of those.

    Because I had to also take nearly ALL of the prereqs and electives, it took me close to three years. If you have those already and just do the actual NURSING part, it will take far less.

    Also depends on what grades you want. After my first A on my first exam, I got really anal about my grades, and wanted nothing less on each following exam.
    So I spent a LOT of time studying, and I'm a slow study, too, so I'm sure most of you could wing it more quickly than I did. I also was working fulltime, up every morning at 0300 and therefore had to be in bed no later than 9 pm. So every spare minute I was NOT at work, was spent studying. Gave up my entire life, practically.. zero social life. Put everything on the back burner.

    But for me, this was far more preferable than having to go to a school somewhere AFTER work... the drive, putting up with teachers' attitudes, ppl getting in your face, and wasted time. Nah.. I was too old for that.. had done that in my youth, and didn't feel it was for me this time around. I do much better studying on my own. Can stay totally focused.

    For those just starting, do not EVEN begin to think or worry about the clinical exam (CPNE)... that's the last thing on the list, and when that time comes, THEN get with one of us who did the program, and I, for one, will be happy to work with you at that

    Yes, I DID get my A's on all... got my 4.0 GPA
    I competed with/against myself, and I did it ! For one who was a total daydreamer in school many moons ago and barely managed to squeak by each year, this was something I had to do for ME. Totally flipped everyone out in my family.."since when did YOU get so smart?" Age does have its bennies. So does determination (or in my case, sheer stubborness). I passed the CPNE the first time, but it was VERY close.. too close for comfort. The nerves do play havoc with you at that time.

    Feel free to pm me if you wish.
  11. by   featherzRN
    As posted here before, I did my Regent's degree in 6 months ( 2/89 - 8/89)while working full time as an LVN.

    Plus, although they did not give grades then, my scores would have been A or B on all tests. However, I qualify this - I already had an AA in another subject so I had to take very little GE. Just the nursing exams and the CPNE, plus I tested out of A/P, Micro and Sociology (CLEP). I didn't use any 'study systems', just the free guides offered by Regents. I HIGHLY recommend it to motivated individuals.

    This was 14 years ago, but the test structure appears to be similar to how it is now (As Excelsior). At THAT time, it cost me a total of around $2K, but it is more expensive now - and even MORE expensive if you sign up with a helper organization. The tests were $60 each and the CPNE was $995. Plus there was the expense for books, etc (bought a whole new uniform for the CPNE because Goddess forbid I should fail for that!!)

    So go for it!

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  12. by   Totone656
    I too, graduated from Exceleisor program. <sniff sniff> I could only muster a 3.45 GPA <EG>.
    I had all my college courses out of the way and only had a few nursing test to do. Took me a little over 6 months to do the written, but the CPNE took a bit longer as I was caring for my mother in law until her death.
    Like other posters here, you have to be determined to do this and have the ablitity to self study. I did not use Rue or any outside source to prepare for each exam. I did get on the study buds listserver and found all very helpful when I did finally take my CPNE. The state boards were a breeze compared to the CPNE.
    I would suggest using the message boards at their web site once you enroll. The instructors will answer ALL question you have either on the message board or in an Email. You can call them too! I do not regret the decision even if a few think our degrees are mail order. I like to see them try and do what I did. <EG>
  13. by   RN Zeke
    I have thought about the Excelsior route myself. I am a surgical technologist. I took Microbiology this summer and got my grade today. I have only sociology to take, that isn't required by all colleges so I haven't taken it yet. I also took the CNA 1 exam and passed it. Am I correct , you don't have to be enrolled in Excelsior for the first two nursing courses? How expensive are just the required nursing classes and their final test? It would be great to physically talk to a few RN's who have taken the Excelsior college and see that are real people. Why do the nurses not help and guide their young, but eat them. Are there better clinical sites to take clinical test than others? Any help will be appreciated. I have considered a Diploma school, the one I checked out was very expensive.
  14. by   Totone656
    Originally posted by Cay
    ..... It would be great to physically talk to a few RN's who have taken the Excelsior college and see that are real people....
    My suggestion is to call Excelsior and they can put you in touch with alumni from your area you can talk with. They also can and are very willing to answer any of your questions. I can't say enough of how much support you have before, during, and after enrollment.

    Good Luck!