Everybody i need your input on this issue

  1. i have a B.sc in Economics and i am Lvn in texas but i am applying for a direct entry for masters in nursing , but my gpa 2.5. Do you all think i can get in into the program. i applied in Boston, Maryland, florida and Newyork private and public university.. Any input
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  3. by   charlescisco
    some schools will allow you to get in into the program without to much on your gpa. with the shortage of nurses you will get in. relax.
  4. by   A Kitty RN
    Are you already an RN? What is your experience/background?
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    I thought you would have to have your BSN prior to going for a Masters??
  6. by   kittyw
    Don't need a BSN to go for a MSN in some schools.

    There's more to your application. How is your GRE score? Any special circumstances regarding your gpa? (ie working full time, children, illness, etc) If so, make sure you include this info somehow. Plus, putting your LVN experience on the application should help you get in.

  7. by   PennyLane
    ONE post on this subject would do fine, charles. You've also posted similar threads in Student nursing and the Graduate nursing forum, for a total of 4 on the same thing, I believe.