Ever give yourself a flu shot before? - page 2

Up until yesterday, the answer for me was "No". It's never been a problem before..........I'd always worked where there were other nurses available to give them. Then a few days ago as I was... Read More

  1. by   Sandi0302
    Yep! Last year I gave myself one
  2. by   Haunted
    Uh huh, but being right handed gave it into left det, took forever for muscle pain to go away but better than the alternative.
  3. by   Keshet
    Yes, I too have done it twice, when I was working night shift! The hospital provided the vaccine but nobody at night to administer it! We just had to sign it out for ourselves. Both times I did it in the deltoid, using a big mirror in the bathroom. Just like giving one to someone else, except it hurts more!

    (Glad I'm not the only one!)

    Never drew my own blood though. Now, that's gutsy!
  4. by   sphinx
    Although I routinely poke myself 3 times a week, those are SQ......for some reason the thought of doing my own IM injection makes me


    But I bet I could muster up the gumption to do it if I was in a position to do so!
  5. by   Moneypitt
    I am really good at giving injections. You betcha I prefer me over someone else.

    BTW- I had a really bad experience with a nurse who couldn't start or properly remove an IV- on me. So I am kind of jaded.
  6. by   storm06
    During a run of flu shot vacc before winter a student RN came to tell me he had drawn up his flu shot. Acting macho he then preceded to tell me he was brave enough to give it to himself. I told him to stop being a show off, that I would do it. So I took the syringe, prepped the arm and in it went. While I am giving him the needle, I'm thinking this is is a big dose (back in the days before pre packaged vacc shots). I suddenly went cold and asked him what was in the needle,,,,,,

    "My yearly vaccinations, I only wanted to have one needle".

    The student had loaded the flu shot, hep b + c, mmr and someother one I cant remember, into 1 needle. I got hauled over the coals by the Sr Nursing Officer and got a written warning (didnt check the 5 rights, could not document which muscle contained which vacc and therefore it would be imposible to know which vaccine may have caused an adverse reaction, didnt check that the drug has been stored correctly before giving it, didnt explain the side effect of the vaccinations, allowed a student to draw up a medication with out checking it and behaved in an unproffessional way). There was a huge drama about wheather they could all be given in the same shot, pharmacy was called, Doctors were called and the Poisons line were asked for their opinion. This was during a time when troops were being delployed oversees so we were giving a lot of nasty vaccinations, thank the Lord he didnt draw those up,, I shudder to think was the results could have been. Needless to say the student was fine, didnt have a reaction, didnt faint and thought the whole thing was rather funny.
    It took me a while to pick up what was left of my self respect It was also an important lesson learnt, and though I can laugh about it now, it was fairly serious when it happened(about 12 yrs go). Never give any medication you havent drawn up or dispensed yourself!!!!!!! I just thought is was bizzare giving yourself an injection when there were at least 5 people qualified to do it. It never occoured to me that someone would draw up all the vacc's in one needle, especially since we had a strictly adhered to vacc policy.

    So if someone whats to give themselves a shot, I say GO FOR IT!. Just dont ask me!!
  7. by   nuangel1
    i have never given myself the flu shots but i have have given sq and im's to myself when i was on infertility meds a while back it didn't bother me then or now.
  8. by   Mistify
    I have given myself shots with no problems, find a location and poke it. I have
    very bad veins, so there have been times when I had to draw my own blood(usually in the hand or AC). The worse experience I ever had was a few years ago, I was taken, by ambulance, to the hospital for severe dehydration. Between the ambulance and the hospital staff, an IV was attempted 17 TIMES with no luck! I finally took matters in my own hands and put in a 18g cath in my AC myself, in front of the doctors and staff that had all just missed it. They asked how I did it, I was a Registered Veterinary Technician at the time and could get a cath in a mouse, a human(even myself) was a cakewalk.