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Ok, all, I know you can't give medical advice, yada yada yada, insert poster-specific disclaimer here. Here's the thing: I have a slight essential tremor. Sometimes its barely noticeable. Other... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Ms purp, i am not too smart about neuro stuff here, I just want to offer my support to you and prayers you find out what is happening and that it is not serious. Pls. keep us updated (((ms purp)))...
    I second this statement.......and I hope and pray you are okay. :kiss
  2. by   disher
    Originally posted by MsPurp
    Propanolol, maybe. A beta blocker. I read about that being a treatment for it.
    I looked after a patient who took propanolol for tremors. She was in her early thirties and had taken it for a few years, seemed to have pretty much eliminated the tremors. Also, the tremors were considered benign, her neurologist did not feel they were related to parkinsons.
  3. by   pebbles
    I was diagnosed with Benign Essential Tremor a few years ago.
    To get a diagnosis, I had to have a head CT and be assessed by a neurologist. I also had labs drawn to check my thyroid function - because hyperthyroidism CAN cause tremors - regardless of your weight, it's worth getting checked out. Essential Tremor is a genetically inheritable condition. It can only be diagnosed by ruling out other causes of tremor.

    The meds that treat tremor can be beta blockers - most commomly propranolol. Also anti-convulsants such as dilantin, but those interact with more medications and are less effective. I was on propranolol for a while, but it was killing my sex drive. Now I just deal with the tremor. Patients always ask me if I am nervous until they get to know me and realise that I am not a newbie...

    I think you should get this checked out. Your fears of Parkinson's may be premature and unwarranted - but you should make sure it's nothing more serious or nothing as easily treatable as a thyroid disorder. At the very least, discuss it with your doctor.
    Good luck!
  4. by   KaraLea
    My mother says that I have had an occasional tremor since I was a toddler. I notice it more when I am PMSing, Hypoglycemic, or just overly tired. Mostly I notice it in my hands, but my mother says she can see it all over my body at times.
  5. by   pebbles
    Benign Essential Tremor gets worse when you are tired too.

    My mom has it as well - and doctors ask her from time to time "does it get better after you have a few drinks?"... lol
  6. by   Zee_RN
    Do you have it *all* the time or just sometimes? I have noticed tremors in my hands but they only occur sometimes. I have always wanted to put it down to stress but it doesn't always happen when I'm stressed. I haven't noticed a pattern to them. But thinking about it now, I don't think I've had them for a while. I asked a neurologist at work one day when mw hands were shaking (in some positions, my hands would shake really if they are poised to start typing...I can even induce it that way)...he thought maybe essential tremor and said don't worry about it. My grandmother had essential tremor, never developed Parkinson's and died at 90 years of age, still traveling around the country despite being a brittle diabetic too.

    If you have this all the time, please check with a neurologist before it drives you crazy! ((((HUGS))))
  7. by   Worthy
    I have mild essential tremor. I was freaked about Parkinsons as well - it killed my Grandma. The main difference between the two is that with Parkinsons, the shaking is worse at Rest, while with ET, it is prominent when moving or reaching for something.

    I was told its nothing, and I don't worry about it, and don't notice it unless I'm extemely nervous and I shake like a leaf!

    Alcohol very commonly makes ET better. Sometimes alcohol becomes a "crutch" for people desperate to get rid of the tremor - alcoholism then follows. That's why your doctor asked you that question.

    For me, though, alcohol only makes me giggle more!

    Good luck!