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Hello, I know most healthcare people are not very fond of E.R., but I ws just wondering if anybody watched the last episode. The lady from "Sex and the Cityy" was a guest star. She played a... Read More

  1. by   sunnyjohn
    Yep.. Malik is an LPN... and a damn good one....

    Remember when they were all the nurses were threatening to walk out & had a sick out or something.... and one of the doc's asked Malik why he didn't call in ... he said "I am an LPN, it doesn't get any cheaper than me" ... or somthing like that....

    What about Neela Rascotra?? and Frank??? And why does Chuney have so few lines?? :angryfire

    They are playing the first episode of "ER" on TNT right now.....It seems so, "retro"....

    Do you guys know that Frank was in the very first episode??? And he was playing the same character, a Chicago police officer....

    Personally if I had a hottie like Kovac running around my house, work would be the last thing on my won't go med
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  2. by   sarita279
    Quote from Gompers
    Well, they both needed Bachelor's degrees to get into medical school, so the time and money involved in getting that is a moot point. They probably just decided for her to major in nursing so she could start working right away after school, while he went right into med school, and then if four years when he'd be making (little, but some) money as a resident, she could quit nursing and start med school. The decision for her to go into nursing as opposed to something else was probably based on lots of things - she was obviously interested in the medical field, so why not major in something medical, the job market being good for nurses, the money nurses make, etc.

    I'm just guessing, after all this is a TV show, but in my mind it actually makes sense.
    I hadn't thought of that before...the show certainly didn't make it too clear. Still, do you think someone could just jump back into her last year of med school like she did? Did she have to get special permission? There's just so many questions left unanswered about that situation for me.
    I 'm thinking WAAAAY too deeply about it I know.
  3. by   MamaTheNurse
    Quote from bobnurse
    I used to love it when Dr. Carter was a surgical med student....Dr. Ross and Dr. Benton. also Nurse Hathaway. Lots of good stuff back then. Do you remember the episode where omar epps (med student) killed himself.....The patient goes into the ER and they page omar and the patients pager goes off and they realize its him.....Awesome episode....Dr. Benton was so tough on his med students. Now its to much like a soap opera set in the ER. Everyone doing everyone, dr's have breakdowns, killing patients, going overseas, and lada dada da..........Back then the story line was much different.....I guess thats why it was a top 5 show back then.......

    Getting rid of dr. green was the end.....Ive probably seen 3 episodes since his departure, but almost all of them with him in it.
    that episode with Omar Epps totally gave me chills!!!! I loved Dr Ross and how he struggled with being a "playa" and a good doc......
    as for the portrayal of nurses, how come all the nurses contemplate going to med school but never NP school? do they have NP's at all on ER now? I remember back in the old days when there was that PA who was HIV pos from her ex-husband who was also a "playa"
    I haven't watched it in so long I wouldn't know who was who - but that Luka sure is easy on the eyes........
  4. by   BRANDY LPN
    I was curious about the pt's abrupt "cure" after the procedure too. I mean even if they removed the clot, that area had been anoxic for what at least 6-8 HOURS!!! But all in all I think the episode was very well done, and I agree with whoever said it would be somewhat beneficial to show to nursing students and CNA's and even some of us full fledged nurses as a reminder to treat the pt.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I've watched ER since the beginning and the reruns many times on TNT while doing housework in the morning. I think the nurses all had a larger role when Carol Hathaway was still on the show - Carol was a very strong willed nurse and smart. You hardly see a nurse now - except Sam and I don't like her for some reason. Can't quite figure it out . . .

    I like Scrubs too.

  6. by   sunnyjohn
    Hey Shariff Atkins is supposed to be back on the show tonight???? Remember him? He was that yummy Dr Gallant.... The one that went to Iraq after he and Neela killed of that patient. :chuckle

    Omar Epps is on that new show on Fox, "House"..
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  7. by   BRANDY LPN
    Hey something just occurred to me, I missed several episodes of Er this season, wasn't the actress who played "Darlene" on Roseanne supposed to be on there? As a med student or something? Someone please fill me in...
  8. by   sunnyjohn
    "Darlene" is a med student named "Jane"... she is a pistol...
  9. by   Adel
    This is going to sound bad, but what's an LPN? Is that like what we call an EN (Enrolled Nurse) in Australia. ER's my favourite US show. I'm always wondering though if the medical terminology they use is accurate. I can't imagine some of the patients they get coming into any hospital, but I love the drama of it all and you never know anythings possible.
  10. by   sunnyjohn
    I am watching ER right now... I miss Dr Gallant..
  11. by   BRANDY LPN
    Okay so where is med student Jane?
  12. by   sunnyjohn
    Dunno where JAne is..... Maybe she is doing a peds rotation tonight...
  13. by   BRANDY LPN
    She was MIA last week also, that was the first week in a long time that I have had a chance to watch when it was not a rerun. I remember seeing her on the first show of this season though or at least I think it was the first one. I loved her on Roseanne of course she was about the same age as me during that series.