Entirely off topic, short, vent!

  1. I somehow just managed to snap the screen off from my laptop. Yeaaaaa... I'm about to move to a new city to finish preparations for nursing school. I'm so furiously angry I can't even display irate emotion. Looks like I'm buying a new laptop tomorrow.
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    That stinks.
  4. by   DolceVita
    Got insurance?
  5. by   Mollypita
    If you can wait a few days, buy one off Ebay, they have any kind you could want. Sorry about the rotten luck.
  6. by   chicookie
    That sucks. Stinkin laptop.
  7. by   shrinky
    I can relate, my grands threw a book ,one at another, and guess what? It hit the screen of my laptop and fractured it. I do have insurance that covers it but I have to drive 40+ miles to take it to the geeks to have it fixed. May take a few monthes he says. It was a gift from my sis and I dare not tell her yet. Good luck with your move and sorry about your laptop.:angryfire