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  1. by   beachmom
    My mother-in-law had 11 and 12 pounders. Her last pregnancy was twins, each 7 pounds! (my husband was one) She popped them all out without any problems. She said her body was made to have babies. She got pregnant with my husband and his twin when she and my father-in-law went out of town for one weekend and forgot her birth control pills.

    Her daughter had an 11 pounder they removed by C-section as she was built small. This was a good decision because when they did the section, they discovered the placenta completely covered the cervix. (this was before routine ultrasounds)
  2. by   beachmom
    My midwife was from India. She said they never have big babies there. She said babies were rarely more than 6 pounds. Must be diet??
  3. by   banditrn
    My third son was 11 pds, 10 ozs, delivered naturally. I was NOT overweight - gained about 25 pds with that pregnancy.

    Later in life I was diagnosed with diabetes.
  4. by   TazziRN
    Quote from beachmom
    My midwife was from India. She said they never have big babies there. She said babies were rarely more than 6 pounds. Must be diet??
    I'm thinking more stature. Asian babies are usually smaller than western babies, but Asian parents are closer in size to each other than westerners. I'm sure diet does play a part, but parental size does too.
  5. by   michelle95
    My oldest son was 11.4 at birth. I am 5'9" and had him naturally with no real problems. He was a little hypoglycemic and had to be on an O2 mask at first because he came out so fast (I pushed for 15 minutes). I did have a 3rd degree tear to contend with ... and that was NOT fun.

    My second son was 10.1 at birth...10 days early. I was only in labor with him for an hour and a half total. That sounds nice but I had NO time to get used to the pain getting worse. It was like BAM! I'm in transition.

    No screaming with either...and, like someone else said...I was made to have babies.

    Of course, I think I may turn out diabetic. I had an instructor once that said a lot of women that have big babies end up being diabetic even if they didn't have gestational diabetes (which I didn't).
  6. by   mommy2g1b
    I chatted with a woman several years ago that had an 11lb 2oz boy naturally. She stood all of 5'1". She said it really wasn't a huge deal for her. She was *maybe* a size 2....I told her I couldn't imagine a woman her size giving birth to such a big baby!
    My biggest was 8lb 12oz and he was the easiest birth BY FAR!
  7. by   TazziRN
    Quote from michelle95
    I did have a 3rd degree tear to contend with ... and that was NOT fun.
    The women I know who had babies more than 10# all had tears. We have an RT who had a 6-pounder 2 years ago and just had another baby....a bruiser over 10 pounds. She ripped pretty bad. She said the pains she had with her first one was nothing compared to the second.
  8. by   SWAT_RN
    Sign me up for the over 11 lb. club...times 2. My second weighed 11lb. 8 oz. natural birth, no drugs (NOT because I didn't want 'em, she just made her debut faster than we counted on). My third was 11lbs. 7 1/2 oz. 2 weeks early, a CS cause 2 separate attempts at induction failed, which was fourtunate as there was a true knot in the cord. The big man upstairs was looking after us that day. And true, not a single newborn anything fits these kiddos, started off in 3-6mo. stuff briefly.
  9. by   santhony44
    the biggest one i ever saw (wasn't at the delivery but saw the baby a couple of days later in the nursery) was 16 lb. vaginal delivery. undiagnosed gestational diabetes (yes, she got prenatal care, doc kept telling her it was 8 lb.). the baby had erb's palsy. that was 20-plus years ago now and i don't know if the problem resolved.
  10. by   Krither
    My mom had three good sized babies herself. My younger brother was 8 pounds, I was 9 pounds, and my older brother was 10 pounds.

    What is the average weight for babies anyway? I mean, I don't think babies that weigh like 8 or 9 pounds are so muc large but just solid. For instance, both of my parents are tall and my brothers and I are tall also.
  11. by   TazziRN
    I was told by my doc that the current average weight is 8-9 pounds.
  12. by   Jayne LPN
    Ok guys.........maybe I was a litle quick to blow up........being on the pleasantly plump side(need to lose 90lbs.-5'9").......:chuckle.....I just took offense to the fact that fat people have problems having sex.....maybe some do depending or how over weight they are.......I myself have taken care of my fair share of obese patients...and yes they do require more help with such things as inserting a cath....or bigger gowns...I just think that we being healthcare professionals should be a lttle more understanding......and not so quick to make sarcastic comments about people's less than perfect bodies. Just my
  13. by   JentheRN05
    After reading some of the posts I decided to tell the story of my first baby, now 17.
    I was just 1 month from my 18th birthday (after) and never went into labor so they decided to induce me because it was 10 days after he was due. After 20+ hours of induction (the most painful kind where they go up and down with the pit) and NO epidural (demoral was what we had then) I ended up pushing for 14 hours (I believe it was actually more - closer to 20) but because I was young, and on medicade they refused to do a c-section. Towards the end I kept saying, can we just stop and come back tomorrow? Of course the answer was a resounding NO. Anyway - I had 2 nurses pushing on my belly, and 2 doctors literally pulling on my baby. Okay - I know this sounds somewhat normal, but I have pictures to prove that they pulled him out harder than they should. He came out just far enough to be suctioned and was just way too big and somehow went back in, in a frantic they practically yanked him out. He had obvious shoulder distocia. Anyway - they finally pulled him out.
    End results? He had a broken clavical, I had to have a manual scrape d/t placenta wouldn't deliver, then I hemmorhaged. Literally had a Hgb of 1.3 (or so I was told) was delirious and was refusing blood transfusion. I guess the 'so I was told' really should not been said that way, since I was in highschool at the time - and was in child development and my best friend and I had my son as a project, she was there in the delivery room. Documented everything.
    Anyway - I demanded the only way I would take the blood was if my mom did the IV. My mom had gone home about 2 hours earlier and when she came in, I vaguely remember the nurse telling my mom - if you can't get her to take the blood she's going to code, no question about it, we are surprised she hasn't yet. Mom (being a nurse herself) started the IV.
    Left the hospital with a 5.8 hgb. Ended up on B-12 shots for like ever and of course mega iron supplements. I signed myself out AMA because I had a mom for a nurse - what more could I ask for. I obviously turned out fine
    Long story short - if you remember correctly - the my last baby was 10# 14oz. My first (the one in this story) was only 8# 3.5oz, so that should give you a clue of my frame.
    My middle child, my beautiful daughter was 7# 3oz and was a traditional, water broke, went to hospital labored, pushed twice and out she came Easy baby. Only one - and I tell her that alot lol
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