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  1. Hello, I'm new as of tonight. Great site. Question: I'm in an LPN program, have 5 months left. I've been approached by others to pull out and go on and get my RN.... which is what I do want, and have planned on it longterm.... however, I have had 5+ RNs tell me that they would finish the LPN course/program and then go after the RN.... while a couple have said pull out, take summer off and start RN school ... either Associate or BSN program..... I'm 50/50 on the decision... would love some advice, suggestions, points of view... I'd like to eventually have a BSN and one day masters and possibly teach.... but getting out and working as an LPN while continuing courses for RN was my previous goal. Bottom line is, job with good pay sooner than later seems to be my foremost thought...however, maybe getting scholarship/loan and biting the bullet and going on to University/college and getting the RN-BSN or Associate RN would be better.... ????? thanks for your thoughts!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Well, I would imagine that if you just quit school now, you will have wasted a good bit of time in LPN school. I doubt any of your LPN nursing courses would transfer if you didn't complete school. So, I would finish up there, then go for the bridge program, either LPN to RN or LPN to BSN. Of course I am speaking as a student myself, so others may have a different POV.
  4. by   Becca29

    I think you're right. This is pretty much where I have been leaning.... Good luck to you... my graduation date is August 2003. Thanks for your reply. How's the weather is TN?
  5. by   jemb
    If you dropped out now and applied for any RN program, you could be at the bottom of a long waiting list. You only have 5 months to go for your LPN! You can support yourself working as an LPN and getsome good experience in the meantime if there is a wait to get into a bridge program.

    I admire your ambition.
  6. by   lpnga
    Hey I see you live in Atlanta...I live in Georgia right at the state line of chattanooga, TN....I would finish my LPN and then go to work and work for someone who has tuition reimbursement or for a hospital. nursing home etc that offers to help pay for school and get your ADN or BSN (if you can afford BSN) but if you go for ADN then you can get the HOPE grant and then after you get the ADN you can do a GATEWAY program and get your BSN in half the time. I am in the same situation.. I am in starting work as a CNA (i just took a course on it) while in school for my ADN (with HOPE paying for everything and my work pays for my books) I wanted to go to The University of TEnnessee at CHattanooga but I can't afford out of state tuition...that is the only place in this area I can get my I am getting my ADN (at a local community college here in Northwest Georgia) and then getting my job to pay for me to go to UTC to get my BSN and I can do that in a shorter time..and save more money..But don't quit...Good Luck
  7. by   MishlB
    Finish your don't have to work right away, but you can start an RN program next fall if that's what you decide to do. I am shocked to hear that someone has told you to quit! Don't do it!
  8. by   MishlB
    Originally posted by lpnga
    .. I am in starting work as a CNA (i just took a course on it) while in school for my ADN (with HOPE paying for everything and my work pays for my books)
    Why are you working as a CNA if you are in an ADN program? You said you just completed your CNA training?
  9. by   ERNurse752
    I would say go ahead and finish the LPN, since you have only 5 months to go. You can get good experience and start making better money sooner.
    Plus, if you quit right now, you still wouldn't be able to get into an ADN or BSN program until the fall anyway.
    Good luck!
  10. by   Overland1

    Definitely finist the LPN program and get the license. While working as a LPN, you can then (as others above have suggested, go for the RN license. The experience that you gain from doing this will be one of the best things you have ever done.

    I know several RN's who started as LPN's and would not have chosen any other way to do it. They are all very knowledgeable and their skills are impeccable.

    Oh, by the way, welcome to the forums..... there is a great bunch of people here and it is an excellent resource as well.
  11. by   ava'smomRN
    i am sorta in the same boat.i think it would be a pretty bad idea to throw away your time spent in LPN school. if i were you i would finish LPN school then go on. but don;t throw away your time at LPN school
  12. by   Becca29
    All I can say is, great minds think alike......I have to agree with all of you. Thanks to all of you for your great input. It was nice to get some feedback on this thought. This is a great website.... AND, seems to have some really wonderful people on board. Again, many thanks for the input and advice. Take care, Becca
  13. by   USA987
    I ditto what the others have said. I'm an LVN and will graduate with my RN in 95 DAYS!! I was only an LVN for a yr before I started for my RN and I wouldn't trade my LVN education for ANYTHING.

    Best Wishes!
  14. by   NursieRN
    Finish watchya started, you're almost there! Some schools offer
    a bridge program from LPN to RN which saves you some time and
    money, and prevents you from having to learn what you already
    know. I would find out if any of your local schools offer this, if
    not .....suggest it to them!