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Just wondering how many of you are getting hit with this east coast storm? How many inches have you gotten so far???... Read More

  1. by   INTEVA
    Here in Pocono area of PA; @ least 20-24"; snow drifts 3-4 ft
  2. by   INTEVA

    Years ago our facility would bring us to work but now they say it's not allowed because of insurance reasons; so I'll stay home.
  3. by   RN-PA
    Melissa24, I live in southeastern PA and the picture you posted of your 2 cars covered with snow looked so much like our cars and the area where we park them that I did a double-take! We park in an area behind our house that is reached by an alley which the town doesn't plow. We started shoveling the 20 inches yesterday for about an hour and then worked on shoveling the alley with our neighbor and her teenage son this morning. Whatta back-breaker! I said to my husband, "Two words: Condo Association."

    The neighbors and we will definitely be setting up a contract with a plow next winter...
  4. by   melissa24
    Originally posted by RN-PA
    I said to my husband, "Two words: Condo Association."

    Most of our main roads are now plowed here (2 days later), but the secondary roads and parking lots still are not, so it wouldn't be any better living in a condo or apartment.

    Our driveway is 4000 square feet, and it has taken me 7 hours to shovel 1/3 of that. Lots more work, but good exercise.
  5. by   PennyLane
    Our final count was 26.6". It broke all kinds of records.
  6. by   Beach_RN
    Well they are saying we got 30 Inches....Hubby said more like 25"

    Who cares..... It was a lot! But I don't mind..... condsidering we didn't get any snow last year or the year before that! It kind of made up for it

    Attached a link for some of our Pictures!

  7. by   ladytopaz
    The pics look just like here in Western Ohio. Brought back many memories of the blizzard of '78! Anyone else remember that one??
  8. by   imenid37
    laughing at connie f's pictures. how very "pa like". i thought you might live in my town the houses etc. are so similar to those here in south central pa.they must be the generic pa houses.

    two feet fell here and now just big huge piles w/ little trails carved out. most roads clear. it's a mess buteveryone's getting around ok today.

    i worked 7p to 11 a on sunday/monday. what an adventure. our doc who was sleeping at the hospital got a call from a 29 weeker w/ twins who's water broke. my heart sank when she told me. we are level one and it was snowing like mad (i didn't know how pt. would get to the closest hospital w/ a nicu-20 miles away). then she told me pt. was in another state visiting family and was on her way to a hospital w/ a nicu. what a blessing! 3 deliveries, 2 who were supposed to go to other hospitals. what a night! glad it only happens once every few years.
  9. by   alwaysthere
    sigh N. Va totally shuts down when they see a snow flake.....southerners.....volunteer driver picked me up ...worked till i needed sleep...slept and did it all over again....back home now...going to make peace with my bed....
  10. by   Tookie
    We would just like some staedy rain - got the fright of my life heading home from work an hour ago - the helitankers (3) were flying over my area - 60 Heactares of hill went up near where we live

    Actually - when l travelled overseas l really loved it when it snowed - guess its cause its is such a novelty for most Aussie - so keep your toes warm and your homes happy.

    JUst send us a little water our way

    A rather hot Tookie
  11. by   graysonret
    Had 2 feet here in Virginia. Starting sleeting Friday night, changed to snow Saturday morning, and finished Tuesday morning. Finally got the car dug out. I don't think the piles of snow will be gone until April. Fortunately, I had plenty of food and such. Being an agency nurse, the past few days were a loss. Oh, well. Comes with the territory.
  12. by   Chttynurs
    Where I live, only 13 inches of very light snow....but I was stuck at work at the time of the storm, which is 30 miles north of where I live in New England, and THAT city got 21 inches! I had to stay over night, and my car was completely buried.......just a big white bump in the parking lot. I have to admit that the snowplows did a pretty good job though, at least on the highways and in the town where I live. I'm pretty impressed.
  13. by   hoolahan
    Man what a dig-out!! I owunderstad whytheschoolswereclosed on Tuesday too, they couldn't get the school buses out of the lot. I had to geta drug test for my new job yesterday, and saw the struggle anyone who doesn't have a driveway, and had to park on the street was in for.

    The snow is always pretty, but the digging out sucks. NO garbage pick-up, no mail, it really has an amazing ripple effect.