dumbest things you have done as a new nurse - page 2

OK I am telling on myself here.. Some dumb things I have done: Asked to get a urine specimen from a foley, I mistakenly pulled the NS from the balloon port (luckily, discovered my error before... Read More

  1. by   StrwbryblndRN
    I did not do this but I would not put it past me to do so plus I missed it upon assessment.
    Pt had two set of IV tubing one was in use on the pump and the other capped off but on the pump also. (the other side). Well when the nurse reported off she indicated the fluids were half full. Well I go in assess and find her IV is good and the fluids running. Half way thru the shift I could not figure why the fluids were still half full. Well upon further inspection I noticed the fluids were connected on to itself at the port above the pump, so it was recirculating. The IV set that was not in use was what was connected to the pt. Pt went at least 12 hrs if not more with no fluids.
    Thankfully the pt was not dehydrated and could take PO luids. No harm
    There is alot of dumb things I could list that I have done but this is first thing that come to mind. More later.
  2. by   kmarie724
    I did one just today. I am a new grad precpeting right now. Today one of our resident's blood sugar bottomed out (she was down to 29!). Wanting to be helpful, I volunteered to run to the med cart and get the GlucaGen. I quickly found it, grabed a syringe and came back to the resident's room with the GlucaGen and...an insulin syringe! In my haste I just grabed the first syringe I saw without looking at it or thinking about what size I would need. So I had to run back again and get the correct syringe.
  3. by   Magsulfate
    I did the blood thing before,, when I was a new nurse. Blood went all over the floor. Needless to say, it has NEVER happened again.

    I had a female patient who needed a foley,, and a bunch of student nurses with their instructor needed to put in a foley. SOooo,, I was relieved when they asked to do it,, heck, less work for me right? WEll, they were in there FOREVER. So, I went in,, finding the instructor trying to put this foley in. Trying to insert it into the pt's clitoris. One of the students was rolling their eyes and gave me that "look".. like she knew and was just keeping her mouth shut not to get in trouble. hahaha... anyway, I took out a new kit and put it right in.. into the urethra.. The instructor was like. "oh.. okay" and she didn't say anything else.. lol
  4. by   nkochrn
    I've forgotten to set my secondary line to infuse before and infused 100cc NS instead of an antibiotic.

    I'm sure I've tried to insert the foley into the clitoris before too.

    I was trying to talk to a patient over the intercom who was confused and after saying his name several times another nurse realized I had the wrong room button hit on the call light board.

    I know I've done lots of other dumb things, but I can't think of them right now, guess it's a been awhile since I screwed up too badly.