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OK Here goes. Ten years ago I got two DUI's. Now I'm pretty sure that those two won't affect me with licensure as long as I petition the boards effectively. Just yesterday I found out that I was... Read More

  1. by   llg
    I'm happy to read to that you have notified the school. As difficult as that must have been, it was the right thing to do. I think that worst that could happen is that it could delay your entry until after you have "proven" that you have stopped drinking and that your life is under control by having a clean record for a set period of time. If that happens, then use that time wisely to deal with the issues that lead you to drink and drive and better prepare yourself for a nursing career. While you are "waiting," you might be able to take some courses toward another degree or something which will help you in the long run. Try to make the best of it.

    Take care,
  2. by   2rntish
    I have known several nurse who "overcame" these types of problems. I WOULD NOT DISCOURAGE YOU FROM pursuing your education. School may be what you need to get your life under control before you KILL somone I know and love because of your actions. I think the last thing you need to do is "sit around" and contemplate life...(makes me want to drink). You do need to get off your ass and find something to FILL THE VOID. Drinking is a "FILLER" because you lack something in that part of your life. If you are passionate about being a nurse great, go for it. If it is some sort of escape....you will probably end up in more trouble.
    Good luck.
  3. by   renerian
    Be honest, call the board and make sure you do not drink/drive. Just a mom speaking.

  4. by   Tweety
    Here in Florida persons, including students, nurses and nursing students with DUIs can become licensed, but are under the direction of the Impaired Nurses Program.

    The fact is that statistically speaking persons who get DUI's have a high percentage of being an alcholic and the board of nursing needs to know that you are safe. So you might have to submit to an evaluation, go to weekly meetings, and send in urine periodically, for a year or more. This can be a pain, but how bad do you want to be a nurse.

    The next thing you need to honestly take a look at is that "normal" casual everyday drinkers don't get 3 DUI's. Even if they are ten years apart. Take a look at yourself, honestly. Do you have a problem. You risked your entire future by drinking and driving, does that not signify a drinking problem. Maybe not, maybe just poor judgement. But again, looking at it from a statistical standpoint even one DUI puts up a big red flag to the nursing board and impaired nurses program.

    Not to be judgemental at all. Best wishes to you.
  5. by   Neon8
    When you apply for your license, th BRN is going to ask you if there is anything on your record. When you say yes, they will send you papers with the necessary things you must do: Thy will want a letter from you explaining in detail what happened and why there is no chance of it happening again. A letter from a psychiatrist stating that you are fit to be a nurse, letters from your instructors who are aware of your past offenses, and letters from any other credible members of society should be provided. You must provide proof that you went to DUI school and paid your fines and did all the things required legally. Proof that you attend a 12 Step program and letters from your sponsors wouldn't hurt. You must also go to the courthouse and obtain certified copies of the criminal docket regarding your case, and also copies of the actual police reports. Once these are all provided, the BRN will decide if they are going to allow you to be licensed. Good Luck to you.
  6. by   sbn8tv
    Thanks Neon.

    Thanks everyone.

    I know for sure that I have the gene for being an alcoholic and I probably am. I don't drink as much as you all surmise. I am very (almost tearfully) grateful for the care that you all have shown for me just by posting here. I had no expectations from the beginning.

    This July 4th incident really was a fluke even if you don't believe me the facts are that I have been to the bottom and I am back now for about 6 years. I am committed to my family and my son who want me to be sober and my motivation to stay sober is my love for them and the desire to be a good role model for all the kids that I influence in baseball and church and in our neighborhood. I was out of my element and made a huge stupid mistake and now I must revisit the the abyss of loserdom.

    Thank you for caring.

    By the way I talked to my school counselor and they are going to let me continue in the ADN program. This is a relief. I will also be jumping through all the hoops suggested in the previous post by Neon8 in order to ensure my focus and to help persuade the board to give me the priviledge to sit "The Test".

    I will continue posting and keeping you all updated on my progress and hopefully I will be able to help someone the way that you have all helped me.
  7. by   Neon8
    Yeah, I have the gene too. I simply don't touch the stuff anymore. I would like to add that if you do all the stuff the BRN requires, you will probably be licensed. But, don't wait like I did. Start getting all that sruff together now so you can sit for the NCLEX along with your classmates. It may take weeks or months to get your old criminal dockets and police reports, for instance.
  8. by   Neon8
    Whoops, I mean TRAFFIC dockets, unless it was a felony DUI. By the way, I am in California. Requirements may vary by state. But, I beleive they will provide you a booklet from the BRN at the beginning of the nursing program. Everything I have told you is in the back of the book, in California anyway.
  9. by   sbn8tv
    Thanks Neon. I already started a "TO DO" list. I will add "Get it done sooner than later" so that all the bases are covered. I appreciate your advice. Did you get your license in California?
  10. by   Neon8
    Yes California. How 'bout you? Where are you?
  11. by   P_RN
    Did you pay the fine or did you go to court?
    Have you considered AA or some other counseling re ETOH? I have the gene too and WILL not drink. You should consider yourself not in control due to the 3 DUI. I may sound harsh but a DUI is 100% preventable.
  12. by   llg
    I am so happy that the school is allowing you to continue and have high hopes that you will become a good nurse someday.

    Aren't you glad you talked with the school? Doesn't it feel like a bit of a weight was lifted from your shoulders? Isn't that better than hiding it/sneaking around?

    Best wishes,
  13. by   MelRN13
    Your State Board of Nursing should have a website with general information. I think that you've recieved some great advice here. My only other suggestion would be to attend some type of program so you have documentation to show your BON that you have taken steps to change your behavior.

    Good luck to you!