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What do you think of younger nurses going out to party the night before a shift on duty :eek:... Read More

  1. by   zambezi
    Not that I am trying to get into the middle of a fight here...I think that the terms young and old in relation to this post is completley absurd...I know of many "old" nurses that party (by themselves or with groups, it dosent really matter) and I know many "young" nurses that use icy hot (or whatever the preference is...) The point is, is that no matter what the age, there are things that people do, or wear, that are not acceptable...I am all for doing what you want on your own time, as long as it does not affect the care that you give....as far as smelly nurses go (and i mean smelly in all ways ) People should be clean when they come to work, if you have to wear BenGay/IcyHot or whatever...try to find a kind that does not smell, or if it is necessary by all means wear it but don't bathe in it... by making this division of young and old we are continuing to split and grow apart when we need to be working together...jwl...i can think of many "older" nurses that smell of "horrid" perfume as well, i dont think that it is due to being young or old, or due to not having respect for our elders (the way one smells does not really affect their experience or knowledge base)...obviously we need to have respect for our elders, just as as the younger nurses that come into the profession need to be respected as well.
  2. by   nessa1982
    Young or old, what you do in your own time is your own business (except drugs those are illegal), but don't let it affect your work.
  3. by   gwenith
    I just LOVE these "Higher Standard" threads

    We are nurses but we are also human. That means that on any one day a nurse in a hospital will be "under par". Whether it be from partying the night before, watching too much TV, zoning" out on the smell of linament or, shift - workers brain damage chances are someone somewhere will not be working to the peak of efficeincy.

    The holy grail of the "patients best interests" should not be used to beat others over the head and justify a "holier than thou attitude".

    Does this mean I condone severe hang-overs that interfere with patient care? no!

    Does this mean that I enjoy strong smells eminating form co-workers no!

    Does this mean I condone drug taking? NO! a million times NO!

    But I am aware of our own humanity and am tolerant to our failings. I try not to condemn but to help the colleague who needs it for one day ......... it might be me.
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  4. by   Disablednurse
    My husband often (Often) told me that I could not hold others to my standards, because my standards were so high that it was not possible to be reasonable for anyone.
  5. by   nimbex
    Disabled, yep, my own standards, at times are even too high for myself :chuckle

    God love that poor man who married me
  6. by   Shell7280
    In nursing school they taught us that nursing is a profession. You must act like a professional in and out of work in many ways. People look at the way you act in and out of work. They told us in nursing school that your whole appearance and demeanor change when you become a true professional.

    I am a "young nurse", age 22. And I do NOT drink or do drugs or party or anything like that. And personally I can't function properly for a twelve hour shift if I don't go to sleep early the night before! I drink maybe three drinks a YEAR! Life can be fun Without jepordizing my health or career. It is not worth it, no matter how slim the chance, I love my profession too much.
  7. by   drfinn
    Quote from enita
    What do you think of younger nurses going out to party the night before a shift on duty
    I think it depends on the individuals ability to tolerate and how late and how much and what is meant by partying... I am actually looking for some information about nurses who abuse cocaine for a school presentation. If anyone has information on legal and ethical issues on this topic, please post.
  8. by   LorraineCNA
    I was in my forties when I became a CNA. I worked with a LOT of younger girls at the nursing homes. I could have cared less what they did on their time off. I DID NOT however, want to hear about their escapades the next day. How they were so drunk they were puking all over the place, etc. I worked with two sisters whose topic of conversation one day was whether or not sister 2 and her boyfriend had sex on sister 1's bed the night before...WAY too much information. This info also wasn't just discussed at break or at lunch. Talk of boyfriends sleeping over etc. went on in the halls and in front of residents. I'm no prude, but there's a time and place for everything, and in front of residents who grew up in an era of very different shall we say "values" is not the time OR place. To me, that's a matter of respect for the residents.

    Okay, rant over.

    almost MA