Drug Testing - Preemployment

  1. :uhoh21: I was an RN that let her license go 10+ years ago. Recently, I have decided to return and am just completing a refresher course.

    Over the years I have had difficulty with migraines (taking Fioricet as needed), back spasms (Soma as needed) and since my divorce have had difficulties with anxiety - single motherhood and trying to make a living - and am currently taking Xanax.

    I'm sure I will need to take a drug test before re-licensure and/or pre-employment. Do they test for these types of meds or only illegal substances?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    P.S. Wish me luck on the NCLEX!!
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  3. by   webblarsk
    I believe they test for all medications. But if you have prescriptions for these meds you just need to bring them with you. I think. Good luck with NCLEX and returning to nursing.
  4. by   butterflynurse
    I think most of them test for prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs. Where I work if you are on prescriptions you have to show them the prescription. We had a nurse interview one time and get a drug test and it turned out positive for methamphetamines. Turns out her prescriction diet pill showed up as this on the drug test. Just show them your script...Good Luck with NCLEX
  5. by   lsmalplz
    You don't think they won't relicense or employ me because of an "anxiety disorder?"

    Would prefer they didn't know.
  6. by   z's playa
    If all the people in the world with anxiety disorders weren't hired because of it, there wouldn't be anyone working. :chuckle

    I'm exaggerating I know........
  7. by   RN4NICU
    I don't think you would be refused licensure or employment because of an anxiety disorder. Most drug screens ask you to list ALL current medications (with the expectation that you have a current and valid Rx for anything not OTC). I would think that you would only encounter problems if they found something that was not listed.