Dream job: Where and Why?

  1. If you could choose any medical institution in the world to work, where would you choose and why? (Your dream job... not necessarily realistic)

    My answer: I would love to work at a cutting-edge research facility, perhaps NIH or CDC, when a cure for diabetes is found! Why? My daughter has had Type I diabetes all of her life (she's now 25) and I can't wait to see her cured!
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  3. by   unikuelady
    Rural Alaska is my dream. I'm burnt out here in overcrowded/dirty california that I want quiet and green! I also want to learn the native alaskan way of life and cultures.
  4. by   epiphany
    Quote from unikuelady
    I'm burnt out here in overcrowded/dirty california
    Hey! I was going to leave overcrowed/dirty new york to come to you!
  5. by   military spouse
    On a beautiful, breezy day in the upper 70s like today, my dream job is right here in PA/MD. However, most days, my dream job is with a well-run hospice (and my old boss) somewhere in TX where I can live in a great, inexpensive home!
  6. by   Ginny516
    I don't have a preference as to where, but I would love to work in a pediatrics unit. I always wanted to work with kids!!
  7. by   jahra
    Would love to work in Hawaii (Kauai). Reason to escape New England winters. Would like to work in public health.
  8. by   **nurse**
    I'd like to be a big traveling circus nurse, patch up the lion tamer, fix up the clowns. Travel travel travel travel, and a show everynight!!!!
  9. by   beckabeckahi
    Quote from homicidalnurse
    I'd like to be a big traveling circus nurse, patch up the lion tamer, fix up the clowns. Travel travel travel travel, and a show everynight!!!!
    I'm with you!! I keep telling my husband when my daughter goes off to college we're going on the road and I will be a traveling nurse-medic for festivals and concerts!!!
  10. by   Tweety
    My dream job would be to go back to Bangkok and live and work as a nurse treating Americans/Foreigners/Thai's in some international type setting.

    Or perphaps be a college professor.

    I'm o.k. with my life as a med-surg now, but it's not my dream job by no means.
  11. by   littlecheese
    My dream job would be maybe 2 eight hour shifts in a well managed cath lab or Ep lab with no weekends or holidays. Better yet would be to stay home..... I can dream right?
  12. by   lannisz
    I'm with "rural and green"....want to live in a small town out in the country...a place where people still appreciate and respect health care providers and don't have such an attitude of entitlement. Wide open spaces and no crowds or traffic. If I was still working as a staff RN in my dream scenario, I'd be doing L&D/postpartum and I'd work 3-11pm maybe 2 or 3 shifts per week. If I already had my FNP in this scenario, I'd be in private practice, same country setting with maybe an old country doctor as partner/back up.
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm blessed enough to be working in a position that's as close to a dream job as you can get. But if I were to win the next Powerball, I'd buy my assisted living facility outright, manage it myself, and upgrade it.........I'd make the apartments bigger and have more amenities, such as walk-in whirlpool baths in every unit, a 40-hour-a-week activities director, more caregivers on each shift, in-house physical and occupational therapists, massage therapy, special programs for our residents with dementia, "house" cats and dogs, plants and an aquarium in the lobby, and plenty of entertainment.
  14. by   HeatherLPN
    My dream job would to be working MR/DD full time. I work LTC, but worked MR/DD part time for 5 years along with it and had a conflict with my boss (reported neglect/care issues to HER boss and she was making things difficult on me b/c of it so I felt I should quit to protect my license. Long story where nobody wins ) I love MR/DD and miss it terribly, even after only a few weeks of not working it. If I could find another MR job, close to home, with decent pay and benefits, I'd be all over it.