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hello my fellow hardworking nurses. i'm just feeling *blue* and frustrated with work lately.i dread going in, as it seems like everytime i come in, it's like walking into the front gates of hell. we... Read More

  1. by   lisaloulou
    Time to alternate your pressure areas and do something different. Consider something like heart cath lab,endoscopy or another area where you'd mostly have patients 1:1 If you were here, I'd suggest working with me in Interventional Radiology where it's very busy but one patient at a time- I have found that being able to totally focus on one pt is a very rewarding experience, even if it's only for a short procedure. I think it's being able to see cause and effect ie:they are nervous and frightened, I explain,support and medicate if needed, they tell me what I did helped. I like that a lot. I have found that most days I dont carry a huge bag of leftover "stuff" with me emotionally after work.

    Number 1 nursing commandment- take care of yourself and the patients will have a good nurse.

    Number 2 nursing commandment- No human can be all things to all people all of the time.

    Number 3 nursing commandment- We are all human.
  2. by   suzanne4
    I would definitely consider the OR. It will give you a mind set away from the everyday world of the floor. You will be learning everyday, not just doing, doing, doing. I keep up my skills in almost all critical care areas, as well as ER, but I much prefer the OR over the others. You can fix almost any piece of equipment, can move mountains in a short time if you need to, and you feel wanted and appreciated. Sure, you do get the occasional bedpan, but you can usually number them on one hand per month or more. You get to use your brain on a daily basis, and any skill that you learn there will be with you for life.

    Hope that this helps........................