Does your facility make you use scripts with patients/visitors? - page 3

Just wondering if you work for a place that tells you what to say to patients and/or visitors? They treid it where I work and we said no way, won't do it. At the other faciliteis in our health... Read More

  1. by   colddeadpeople
    Mandatory in-services. Here's a good one.

    Worked for the VA in Long Beach. This was during a time when sexual harassment was the hot topic of the day.

    One of the millions of idle brains in the massive eduction department decided that we'd all have to attend a sexual harassment training course.
    The jokes started flying, one of them was, of course, "Now I'll finally learn how to do it."
    I had to go to the class and there were about 6 women and me, the single guy.
    The "educator" was seemingly quite proud of her scripted dialog and she handed them out. I, of course, was "chosen" to be the harasser. That in itself is harassment.

    I spoke up, announced that making me partake in this class was harassment in itself, and singling me out as the male and the perpetrator was not going to happen.

    All of the women except one agreed with me. The class came to a quick, abrupt ending.

    I don't think they ever had another class. Amazing. And I'll bet they spent a ton of tax dollars putting it all together as the greatest idea ever.
  2. by   xtxrn
    I've worked at a couple of places that use scripts. And I think they're incredibly stupid. If they don't think the people they hire can communicate to satisfy them- don't hire them

    We had corporate moles call up doing 'cold calls' to see if we were using them. It was so ridiculous that they'd pay someone to make those calls, but cut a CNA or LVN position..... ?????? Priorities???????