Does anyone know of possible side effects from MMR vaccine on adults?

  1. I had to get MMR vaccine Tuesday (for college), because my mumps titer came back negative. I had rubella as a child and I was vaccinated against measels before.

    I tried to find some information about side effects and found nothing. Since the vaccination I've been nauseous and dizzy, cramping in the stomach. Is this normal?

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  3. by   fedupnurse
    Never heard of that being a reaction! I've had to have that booster at least 3 times in the past 15 years. Can't seem to hold onto the antibodies for that or chicken pox. Didn't get that one! Don't think I will.
    Hope you feel better and maybe call your doc and find out for sure.
  4. by   willie2001
    I had to have an MMR for nursing school because my rubella titer turned up negative. I got some swollen glands in my neck, but that is all. They lasted a few days. I didn't feel sick or anything.
  5. by   Jolie
    Sorry to hear you're not feelling well. Check out the CDC website; it should have info regarding vaccine reactions. Also, any peds, family practice, or health department office should be able to provide you with a printed information sheet.

    My concern is that you received an MMR when you only needed protection against the mumps. Is there not a separate vaccine your doctor could have ordered to avoid your being exposed to unnecessary vaccines? A while back, I needed to be vaccinated against measles only. My rubella and mumps titres were normal. The doctor's office had to order a separate measles vaccine. It took a week or two for it to arrive, but it was worth the wait to avoid exposure to unnecessary medication.
  6. by   sharann
    I also got the MMR vaccine booster prior to starting school. I was sick as a dog for 2 days with a high (102-103 f) fever, terrible arthraitis like pain in all my joints and a bad headache. It went away on its own as quick as it started. Well, it started 12 hrs after the vaccine actually.
  7. by   Anagray
    hey guys! thanks for replying to my message!
    Jolie, to answer your question about separate vaccines, I was told that measels and rubella come separately, but mumps doesn't.
    i wonder if it is this way in all states, but here - no luck.
    anyway, lol I almost dropped in a patient's room tonight while i was taking her vitals
    What a crack that would have been, if she had to get ring the bell for me . I guess i'm going to have to call the doc, because my blood pressure was 94/57 ( after 6 cups of coffee)
    Thanks again to everyone
    be well !!!!
  8. by   caroladybelle
    I recently got an MMR shot - swollen glands, HA, and low grade fever for 2 days - but I have a damaged immune system that does some bizarro things anyway. I just started Traveling and it was cheaper to get the shot than pay for titer.
  9. by   MollyJ
    What is reported here are some of the more common side effects. Used to work in a HD vaccination clinic, so it's been awhile. People can get a measles like rash, soreness at the site, swollen glands. Can also get fever that onsets NOT immediately. I was thinking in a day or two, but cannot remember timeline. I would never discourage someone from talking to a HCP about concerns, but these are considered side effects as opposed to adverese reactions. Should not take if pregnant. Sounds like you need to drink lots of non-caffeine containing fluids and get some rest.

    Good luck.
  10. by   Mary Dover
    Hmmm, interesting. I sure hope you're feeling better Anagray. You know - many, many years ago (maybe 12), when I had the first of the Hep B vaccinations, within 2 days I had fever, abd cramping, N/V and diarrhea. I had gone to the state fair the day after the injection, and ate a hot dog while there. So I couldn't really say it was a reaction to the vaccination, but always wondered in the back of my mind.
  11. by   Lisa_S
    i had an mmr almost two weeks ago. first i ran a fever for, five days. now i have swollen glands on both sides of my neck. is this normal? should i be concerned?
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    For both MMR shots, I had a rash just on my neck. For the first shot only, I had quite bad joint pain and a fever. I didn't bother to call my doc - I just looked on the CDC website and discovered that there were all side effects. The CDC's website said joint pain was a specific side effect for adult women.
  13. by   Lisa_S
    i am running a fever again today, along with the swollen glands and i feel very sick. i will probably call my doctor in the morning, if i'm not feeling better, by morning.
  14. by   JazzyJean_RN
    I had MMR 4 days ago and the day after which,I developed fever. Up to now, the 4th day, I am having febrile episodes. Most annoying among the side effects is the joint pains I feel! I also developed some cough, colds,muscle aches and even had itchy soles and palms 2 days ago. I even felt that my eating chicken and fish exacerbated the itchiness. I have observed my upper lip got a bit bigger too. For now, the allergic reaction has abated but the joint pain and fever still ensues.

    I just am taking Paracetamol round the clock q 4 hours and lots of fluids. However, I cannot rest well yet as I need to keep moving for some important matters I have to attend to.=(