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Just a question, I sometimes wonder if I made the right career choice when I became a nurse. Of course, usually it is when I have had a bad day dealing with some a$$hole doctor or some noncompliant... Read More

  1. by   CraftyLPN
    I am not sorry I went into nursing, but yet there are several jobs I have regretted...(like the one I am presently at) seems like some places don't care they just need a body to fill in the empty space..
  2. by   New CCU RN
    I do have to say that I unfortunately know that nursing is not my path. While it is a great and wonderful career, I have already come to the conclusion (May grad 2002) that there is something else out there for me. I work in a wonderful unit with great coworkers and an understanding manager. The majority of our docs are actually not a**holes.... there are exceptions.

    Regretting being a nurse... I wouldnt go that far... I have learned so much already from it. There have been touching moments that I wouldn't want to trade for anything. But, I DO WANT OUT. At least of the bedside. I am tired of it already.

    I am currently working on getting a degree in Biology and then either applying to CRNA school and if not that some sort of Biomedical research. I am giving the Bio a shot first and am researching more about the CRNA stuff.
  3. by   lisamct
    I dont regret going into nursing but I do regret the choice of 'branch' that I chose. Here in the UK you have to specialise in a specific type of nursing and train accordingly, either adult(general) nursing, mental health, learning disabiliities, paediatrics or midwifery.Once you are qualified you are pretty much stuck in that area unless you re-train. Im a learning disability nurse, have been for 9 years. Im seriously considering re-training in midwifery(3 more years in uni) but I'll have to wait till I can afford to drop 18,000/annum to do it!!
    Dont think would ever move completely out of nursing though, I come from a familiy of nurses so I guess its in my genes.
  4. by   maizey
    No, I don't regret going into nursing. Can't imagine myself doing anything else. But, I do regret staying too long in some situations or jobs, knowing full well that the time had come for me to move on. But, being a nurse thought I could help to make changes, LOL.
  5. by   MrsK1223
    I have very mixed feelings about nursing. Being fairly new myself...I often have a hard time seeing myself happy with it longterm. I'm looking now to switch specialties. I'm also looking into starting my own business, I just have to figure out how. The business in not nursing though. I love certain aspects of the job and of nursing but I think deep down I know I can make a better living at something I REALLY enjoy and don't have people's lives in my hands and the massive responsibility. But I guess I will stick with hit for now.
  6. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Thanks for all your input guys, I really appreciate it! I currently work in a doctor's office and have been there for about three years. I love it most of the time but don't actually feel like I am making a difference which is why I got into nursing in the first place. I used to work with oncology patients which I strangely loved. I genuinely cared about my patients and they cared about me. I got out of it because it just got too hard losing patients. In my current job I just deal with flu, Uti, and runny noses on a regular basis not to mention numerous refills for patients that don't even know the name of their medicine, just the color! I think I am going to go back to school to get my BSN and possibly get back in to a hospital setting for patients that really need me.

    Thanks again for the therapy session guys, you are the best! I am priveleged to converse with so many wonderful people.

  7. by   nightingale
    No regrets... like another poster mentioned.. I regret staying too long in a bad situation... ditto

    I love nursing; so many opportunities.
  8. by   kimmicoobug
    When I was a kid, I used to want to be a shrink. Then I had a few kids, grew up, and decided to be a nurse because I loved the OB aspect of nursing. But, then last week I had my psych rotation at the state pen (I get to go there tomorrow, yippee) and I was fascinated with some of the inmates and what was going on in their brains. Not saying I would consider being a shrink, cause I really don't want that job. However, I did work closely with the councilors and loved everything I learned. I haven't felt that in clinical since OB. So, I have decided that if I don't get hired on in OB, then I will apply at the pen and get a job as a psych nurse. Too soon for me to say if I regret choosing nursing as a career choice since I am stll in school.