doctors without borders/MSF

  1. does anyone have any experience with them? I'm interested in this avenue of nursing, but would like to hear more about it.
    I will be bridging to get my RN when I graduate from RPN.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good luck! I don't have experience with them, but I found their website for nursing personnel to be very interesting.

    MSF-USA: Working in the Field - Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
  4. by   angel337
    what is MSF?
  5. by   platon20
    Quote from angel337
    what is MSF?
    Medecins sans frontieres

    French for doctors without borders.

    this was originally a french organization
  6. by   -Midget-
    I never knew they were originally a French organization! That's interesting. A long while ago, I read some of the stories on their site. Wow! The stuff they do is pretty cool! It would be really neat to talk to someone who's been on one of the trips!
  7. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    I have watched a documentary on Discovery about a nurse with doctors without borders. She was in Africa and took care of several clinics that were many miles apart. It sounded like she had to pretty much act autonomically and make some pretty tough decisions without a physician present. It seemed to me that it would take quite a bit of experience to do a job like hers. It does sound like a great experience, though and i would love to try something like it after my kids are grown and on their own.
  8. by   Larry77
    There are many many mission based groups like them. My father was involved with Northwest medical teams (NWMedicalteamswebsite)and I go to Honduras with a medical mission group called Worldwide Heart to heart ministries(Hearttoheartwebsite)

    I think every person on the planet should experience mission work at least once in their lives.
  9. by   beckabeckahi
    I have planned on doing medical missions since I decided to back to school. I am barely a year into my nursing career--but plan to go on medical missions when my daughter graduates high school ( a few years off). We are so very blessed to have the resources and medical care we do in the US and I really want to share some of that with others.