Doctors Say the Darnedest Things - WIN $250! Nurses Week Contest 2018 - page 4

The doctor said WHAT?!?! Some of what is said is jaw-dropping, other phrases uttered are unbelievable while other things heard from the mouths of doctors leave you shaking your head is disbelief for... Read More

  1. by   vwalker64
    Thank you. It is so rare
  2. by   Djswife
    Elderly clinic doctor: "her booty is getting bigger, I like it."
    Me: "Doctor, you can't say that."
    Doctor: "I'm old, I can say whatever I want." (Sheepish smile)
  3. by   Mrassel22
    How about the Doctor's phone? Walked up to a Doc to notify of a situation. His phone began to ring. The ringtone began singing "I love it when you call me big Pa-Pa."
  4. by   Mrassel22
    Overhearing another nurse tell the Doctor "Her stool smells like C-diff." Doctor: "Well what does it taste like?"
  5. by   Nicw2
    "Roll over so I can check your back passage."
    "Put down the fork"
  6. by   Aasaunders89
    When I worked at an assisted living I called a patients doctor and informed him of the patients decline recently, and his response was what do you want me to do? She old!

    Guess quality of life is out of the question..
  7. by   kjjones
    "Don't call me again unless she codes." Placed in the chart as a verbal order.
  8. by   kjjones
    "Don't call me again unless she codes." Written in the chart as a verbal order.
  9. by   Dodee
    While working with a podiatrist and some student nurses, the Dr. took off the sock of a very bad diabetic patient. As he did 3 little black, pebble looking pieces fell out of his sock. The student nurse thinking she was being helpful, bent over and picked them up and handed them to the patient and said you dropped something. The Dr said nope those were his toes! And the patient instantly dropped them, along with the jaws of everyone else in the room.
  10. by   SwoRN
    There is a doctor that comes in to round on his patients that comes directly to the nurses station and states 'I'll take a coffee, this color *points to his skin*." then goes and sits down and waits for his coffee. I know he is joking, but SMH, get it yourself!
  11. by   Sternigp
    Had a jerk doctor who was such an *ss. He would always yell at patients that they have to quit smoking, then would go outside to burn his 2 pack a day habit and other various stupid things. One day, I had already punched out and was walking to the locker room to leave when this doctor came out of a room, looked around, and when he saw me rushed over and demanded I give the patient some water, that they were thirsty. Ok, no problem. I walk into the patients room to grab their big foam water cup to fill it. The cup was full, so I handed it to the patient, who was also confused as to why the doctor couldn't have just handed them the cup when they asked.
  12. by   Lindsayj93
    I had been working in substance abuse for about a year and we got a new doctor. We were going over rules with him (he apparently had about 3 years of experience in methadone treatment) and told him that the maximum amount of methadone we could prescribe was 30mg for the first day. He responded with, "So, that means we can't start them out at 80mg?"
  13. by   Beourguest
    "He went to the party...but he's not going to dance."