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:chuckle strange question, i know. but do you? i just got home from work about an hour ago and i'm looking at my forearms and thinking i'm insane. i have 3 set's of vitals and a reminder to... Read More

  1. by   krispynurse
    I've written on alcohol pads, paper towels, but mostly on my L forearm cause when I wrote on my L hand I would forget and wash my hands and guess what all that infor would go down the sink before I could record it. I had to carry approx 4 pens in my pocket too cause somehow those things would somehow disappear.
  2. by   asher315
    Yes, I write on anything handy. Especially in C-sections, I write on my scrub top the time of birth, first did it with the birth of twins. One on one side and on of the other. Whatever works!
  3. by   Peatness
    Sounds like the left hand is a popular option/location. Only problem is if we are washing our hands as often as we should be...Well I'm not going to lecture you all, my recommendation, stick to the forearm, you won't risk washing off some important info. I've come across some nurses and Dr's who take to writing on the patients sheets, can' t imagine laundry is too happy with that!*lol* Whatever works for you!

    Judy931............THAT is a great idea! Using the silk tape is ingenious!!! I plan to try it tomorrow and I'm sure others will follow suite, you may start a trend up here in Canada. Thanks for the tip! :roll
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  4. by   MOOSEMAN
    Thank God for alchol wipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Token Male
    Not Guilty ; your Honour:
    We have a handover sheet that is available at report and I use that. I carry it next to my permanent memory (Diary) but I misplace it about once every shift. I believe Nurses are the only profession with this as a regular thing; are we?
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    I could have an entire cheat sheet filled out and actually taped to the desk so that I don't lose it and somehow it will disappear, so I have gotten into the habit of using scraps of paper, paper towels if I forget the scraps, and various other bits of paper that I piece together later at the end of shift for report. In emergent situations I notice I will write on the sheets or pillow case of the patient and in a real crisis will write on the backs of my gloves. Only problem there is that more often or not I forget that I did that and throw the gloves away, remembering too late that I now have to go retrieve them from the trash....Glad to know it isn't just me!
  7. by   mother/babyRN
    I do have some dignity left, however. I forgot to mention that occasionally I will write on my scrubs ( have the perfect size thigh for that) but rarely do I write on myself....So far, that is...