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:chuckle strange question, i know. but do you? i just got home from work about an hour ago and i'm looking at my forearms and thinking i'm insane. i have 3 set's of vitals and a reminder to... Read More

  1. by   nec
    i usually reach over someone scrambling for paper if i am on the phone recieving verbal orders, i hardly ever write on myself i guess i would though if there was nothing to write on nec :chuckle
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    I've trained myself to keep a piece of paper in my pocket for writing such things on -- and write really small so I can cram 12 hours worth of notes onto one piece of paper! If the patient is in isolation, I write on a paper towel, which I then tape to the window in the door to be read from the outside. During a code, a piece of tape on the thigh works great -- the sheets are too messy to "read" after we open a chest in the room!

  3. by   Valorie Davis
    I used to write on my gloves, but found I'd forget and toss them. A pad of postit notes stuck to my name badge works well, when I think of it. Other wise its the hand/arm.
  4. by   lilpoo_1
    I write on my left hand all the time at work. I have an awful memory and if it is important I write it down. Alcohol prep pads work wonders wiping it off!
  5. by   zudy
    I chart on myself, paper towels, tape, kleenex boxes also work well. Just about anything will do in a pinch. I read an article about a medical mission, they didn't have anything to chart on, so they would chart the pt's preop VS on the pt's forehead. I liked that idea, but my NM didn't go for it.
  6. by   nialloh
    I used to use a note pad, but after a while I would have a pocket full of old out of date info. I now use postits, as I can dump them after I have recorded the info elsewhere.

    I have never written on myself, but some of my friends are walking palm pilots
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Okay, let's see...

    I've made notes on:

    my scrubs (with and without tape)
    isolation gowns
    the sheets
    Kleenex boxes
    2x2 packages
    "clean gloves" boxes
    "sterile gloves" wrappers
    paper towels
    menus from a pt's tray
    the margin of lab flowsheets
    the bottom of my shoe (combination to the narcotics safe when I was a Rx tech so I wouldn't forget it)
    and anything else that will take ink...
  8. by   Heartsofangels
    I carry a clipboard with my report sheet on it with enough room for vs and other pertinent information. If I happen to go to a pt's room without my clipboard and I have to write down some information, I get a paper towel. I never thought to write on myself and I don't think I want to.
  9. by   1996RN
    I work in L&D in a hospital where we have a locker room and change in and out of hospital issued scrubs every day. Everyone, myself included, uses their scrub pants as a piece of paper. They are filled with phone numbers, vitals, operating room times, delivery times, baby's weights, etc etc. It's kind of nice to have something to always write on.
  10. by   texoradon
    Is that not what our L palm is for????? LOL LOL
  11. by   nursedawn67
    I always call it "my handy notepad, its always with me"!
  12. by   teeituptom
    I do it all the time
  13. by   judy931
    I used to write all over, my hands, my scrub pants...But when we had to purchase our own scrubs things had to change. Now I get a long piece of 3" silk tape and put it on my pant leg. There I jot down all my vitals, meds, times, etc. At the end of the day I just peel it off. Just don't forget to take it off when laundering, it makes a terrible mess in the dryer!