Do you realize we do not all want to be nurses

  1. I find it funny that nurses think all aides want to be nurses. As a nurse aide I have to work with nurses. Nursing issues effect me , because I work in the nursing field. After reading some of these posts I am lead to believe that you think all aides are wannabe nurses. That they lack an education and endanger your reputation. AM I wrong? I work under some wonderful nurses. They do not seem to resent me and we get along great.I have also learned a lot from my nurse aide co-workers. Nursing is a field that requires people to play parts at all levels. I understand that impersonating is wrong. I also understand the dedication and hard work it takes to graduate from a four year degree. I intern at the public defenders office and I always have lots of stories to share. The nurses and I learn from each other. That does not mean however that I want to be a nurse or that their goal is to become a lawyer. We play different parts and we have different aspirations.
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  3. by   oramar
    Believe it or not I am an RN starting to wonder about becomming an aide. I have also considered unit secretary. I am retired for health reasons and my attempts to return to RN at bedside have flubbed. It is not that I think these other jobs are easy, I have had to fill in for the missing aide and unit clerk to many times not to know what it is they do. It is just that in my case I think the heavy responsibility that nurses carry (and I include LPNs in that) is to much to bare in my case. The prospects of going to prison for failing to realize the pharmacist incorrectly labeled the syringe is overwhelming.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Oramar, I really feel for you. Is there something nurse-wise you can do--- such as infection control nurse, patient educator/health educator role, telephone triage nurse (OOPS! Too much legal liability on this one... sorry), insurance risk assessment nurse (guess that's what this is called... going to peoples' houses and performing initial assessment for insurance purposes), home health nurse, occupational health nurse, clinic nurse, health department nurse??? Just some thoughts.
  5. by   P_RN
    Aide- I can see how it seems that accusations are being tossed your way.

    At least my take on this is not that "you" (aides) want to be nurses. If you do that's fine. If you don't that's fine too.

    What I am saying is there are those who walk the walk but don't talk the (nurse) talk. They either actually *say* they are a nurse and give out frequently dangerous advice, or those who put on a uniform and let it be *assumed* that they are what they are not.

    Doctors who refuse to hire a nurse and then refer to anyone who works there as a Nurse fall under this category.

    Aides, Techs, CNAs all are wonderful and a well needed part of the overall team. See you signed up as what you are.

    Haven't you seen commercials or tv shows that mentioned the "nurses" in the Xray department did so and so, or the "nurses" in the drugstore did.......?

    I saw a funeral announcement in the paper today of a lady I used to work said she was a retired she wasn't....She WAS a great Nurse Tech though. I don't know if her family knew the difference and I certainly won't disabuse them.

    No matter, she was a wonderful person. I will miss her.
  6. by   oramar
    I sort of diverged in my last post from the topic and I apologize. This is the post I meant to post when I started rambling on about my own problems. If I had a dollar for every aide that told me should would not be a nurse for all the tea in China I would be a rich woman. My own sister in law has been an aide on an Altzheimers unit for 15 years and she says the above every time she see me. That is fine with me. What kind of world would it be if people were pressed ganged into service as nurses. (Heh, it could happen if help gets any shorter) However, there are aides who would love to be nurses and I think they should get everybit of support, financial and otherwise, that they need to do so. None of these people have ever passed themselves off as a nurse. They always identify themselves as the "aide or nurses aide".
  7. by   135ctv
    I am also an aide and I don't want to be a nurse. I don't think that there is anything wrong with nurses asking me if I want to be a nurse or assuming that I want to be a nurse.

    Many nursing programs like to see this type of experience before admitting someone to a nursing program, so, for many, it is a natural progression to go from being an aide to being a nurse.

    This happens in any profession, not just nursing. Programmers ask computer operators if they want to become programmers some day. Some do, others are happy as operators.

    I wouldn't be offended by someone thinking I wanted to be a nurse.
  8. by   ClariceS
    I wish I could give Kudos to a couple of nurse aides that work on my floor. They both get told frequently that they should be nurses because of the incredible care they give their patients. I believe this is meant to be a compliment to them. Neither want to become a nurse. I asked one why and she said it would create too many things for her to keep track of and would distract her from giving her patients the time she thinks they deserve. Both of these aides are incredible workers and are very attentive to their patient's needs. Theirs is also often a thankless difficult job.

    We do peer voting for employee of the month here and they both get nominated every month. We make sure every nominee is honored as well as honoring the one who is chosen as employee of the month.
  9. by   Teshiee
    I know several CNA's that have no desire to become nurses. They see what we go through, many are just doing what they have to do to pursue their endeavor. It is a thankless job the aids have. I have the most respect for them because they work hard for the lousy wages they receive. When I worked in LTC I always tell them to get me if they need any help. I believe we are all a team and we should work together. I guess over all to impersonate is bad but what is worse is when you are a nurse and you are judged on other assumptions.
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    I can see how being a CNA would mean you could more easily "leave your emotions" at work, which has advantages. I rec'd my CNA certification, but I will be a nurse eventually. It's easy to see how a CNA with, say, 5 years experience would be more knowledgable than a boot nurse. A CNA with 15 years would be someones opinion Iy'd well listen to. A CNA is a career/vocation, just like nursing is. CNA's have more opportunities to interact with people, and that is one of the main reasons I want to be a nurse. Perhaps it depends on how much responsibility you want that goes with caring.
    Plus, if I was married with children, i would have to negotiate the balancing act of how much caring I give my patients -vs- how much I give my wife and family. To some, caring is a finite, daily activity. It could weigh more heavily on me, as a nurse, if my patient didn't respond to my treatments [and died] compared with a CNA who enjoys caring for people and seeing them appreciate that. To me that is magic. Mario wants the REAL abracadabra when he can do something and turn someones health/condition around from bad to good. A CNA, however, can do abracadabra just like a nurse can, and make people smile and feel good. What's it all about, alfe? Excuse my scatter-brain post :-(
  11. by   thisnurse
    i dont think that all cnas want to be nurses. i think some of them do. i say "then go to school and be a nurse" when one of them resents my HAVING to tell them what to do.
    as tho i enjoy that. i HATE that part of my job.
    some of our cnas would make great nurses not only because they give excellent care, but because prioritization comes easy to them and they are good at it.
    i treat the cnas as equals. they are. they do a different job than i do but they are every bit as important. some of them know much more than i do about certain skills. to not take advantage of their input and experience is foolish on the part of the nurse.
  12. by   Nurse_Bonita
    Hello all,
    I am a STNA (stated tested nurse's aide) in Ohio. I am in pre-nursing school currently taking my prerequisites. I work in a nursing home and deal a lot with patients' families' who mistakenly assume I am a nurse, even though our aides wear one color and our nurses a TOTALLY different color. I don't mind people assuming that, but I know what you mean about people assuming that just because you are an aide means you want to be a nurse.

    A girl I worked with was working as a aide to get herself through her teaching degree. Oh well, everyonre makes mistakes in assuming too much. I do it all the time.