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Do you get lunch breaks, etc? After just reading some of the forums here on allnurses and Echo Herons books I am scared! Some were saying they work 12 hours with no breaks to even take a pee let... Read More

  1. by   Mimi2RN
    We call it a break if we get to sit, eat and talk at the same time. We still check when alarms go off, though. No matter how organized we are, the docs seem to like a midnight c/s, or we will have to attend a high risk delivery. I can get a half hour's pay if I claim it for a missed break, some nurses never do. It's not what we are supposed to get, but at this point no-one is rocking the boat.

    We were once told by an HR manager, that we would all get "a 30 minute break and not be responsible for our patients". LOL Not that someone extra was available to cover us for during that time, but it looked good in print.
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I had one job where I was the only nurse for 65 pts in LTC. I didn't a lunch break for over 2 years. Usually, I got one ten min break a shift, but only if I really busted my butt and was determined to get that ten min break, no matter what. Now I work dialysis. I usually get one or two lunch breaks a week.
    Even the most organized nurses with great time mgmt skills face not getting their breaks. When the work load is too great, it can't be avoided.

    Generally, working conditions in nursing are poor. I enjoy nursing...when I am allowed to do it! I spend much of my time doing paper-work, cleaning out trash cans, refilling soap dispeners and paper towel dispensers.. and generally running around like crazy. There is no housekeeping on my unit.

    There are things I love about nursing, and things that really frustrate and sadden me.

    Nursing is a rough field. To deny it would be unrealistic.