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Do you prefer day or night shift and why? Is it more difficult for a GN to get hired for night shift?... Read More

  1. by   Allicatz
    Nights are my favorite- except when I was pregnant...I just got too tired!
    Im hoping when I get hired that a spot on the night shift will be open. I am not a morning person by any means! Getting up before 7 is like pulling teeth for me. I guess it is probably because I dont sleep well and I toss and turn all night long.
  2. by   CmdrodriguezUSNRN
    I like the interactions of the day shift, more responsibilities, more chances to learn new things, get to know the doctors and others in the hospital. As well as get to know the families of the patients and the patients as well. Plus I like to sleep at night.
  3. by   lilmisstiger94
    I personally love the night shift; and I've worked both. 7p-7a 3x a week is great. My kiddos are in school while I sleep. I don't get home at 8 or 9pm with my hubby running around saying he's been trying to get everything done and I have to tie up loose ends and feel like I am giving them "quality time" for maybe 30 minutes. I get up, shower, pick them up from school - spend time with them and cook dinner. It's great. Nights are not for everyone - neither is days. Neither shift is easier; each has it's ups and downs. I do have to disagree with a post about days having more responsibility. Responsibility is everyone's job and when you have more patients and less staff - it's a huge factor. Trust is, also. Right now, I work with three other nurses and we have over 80 years combined experience. I trust them infinitely. I also count myself blessed to be in this situation. Just my
  4. by   ChevRN
    I prefer nights. I have been working nights for eleven years now. I like the night shift, as it is more easy going than afternoons or days, and you get paid an off shift differential at my facility for working nights or afternoons. My work week involves 2 12 hour shifts, and 2 8 hour shifts. On the 12 hour nights, I work 7pm-7:30am, with an hour lunch, but on nights we are easy going as far as breaks go. The first four hours of a 12 hour shift is the latter half of the afternoon shift, and the less busy half of afternoons.
  5. by   nursingsfun
    Days are more convenient, but harder. Nights are definitely easier with little or no administration around. If I were older without kids I would probably pick nights.:typing
  6. by   Caffeine_IV
    I like nights way better. Days is much too hectic for me. I can home and sleep for few hours while my daughter is at daycare and then pick her early. Eventually I would like a daytime job though. Not 12hrs