Do you have any allergies?

  1. One patient I had recently claimed to be allergic to epinephrine because it caused a fast heart rate.
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  3. by   TMPaul
    Quote from roadfollies
    One patient I had recently claimed to be allergic to epinephrine because it caused a fast heart rate.
    I had a patient claim an allergy to water !!!!!
  4. by   hunter
    i had a patient tell me he was allergic to anthrax
  5. by   EarthChild1130
    I'm not sure if it's an allergy or hopped-up side effects, but when I take Sudafed, I start itching and sweating, and I turn very pale, and I have a hard time talking...I also experience tachycardia and my blood pressure spikes...seems to me it's a hopped-up side effect, but I don't take Sudafed either way!
  6. by   jRN4now
    I had a pt tell me that she was allergic to coffee because her doctor told her that it was bad for her heart and she shouldn't drink it anymore.
  7. by   ElGwapo
    I'm allergic to benedryl and other antihystamines.. I get really nasty welts and a lovely rash. It's not the dye in the pill either since I can't take the clear one's either =(
  8. by   jemb
    I ask patient "Do you have any allergies?"
    Patient replies "No"
    Later patient asks, "Don't you want to know if I'm allergic to anything?"
    I reply, puzzled, " I thought you said you had no allergies."
    Patient says, "I don't. But I'm allergic to 'insert drug name '."
    Believe it or not, this actually happened more than once.

    Once when a patient told me her allergy was 'hay fever', I replied with "Well, I'll be sure we don't bring you any hay."
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  9. by   sb22
    I get these kinds of responses all the time. A lady told me today that she was allergic to ibuprofen b/c she had had a gastric bypass.
  10. by   jannecdote
    I had a patient tell me once that she was allergic to plastic and couldn't drink from the water pitcher we provided. I gave her a styrofoam cup of iced water instead. When I came into the room awhile later to finish admitting her, she was drinking soda pop from a plastic cup. This lady was alert and oriented. Go figure.:chuckle
  11. by   Katnip
    My mother-in-law was "allergic" to cheese when I made lasagna, but Pizza hut pizza, she'd wolf down like it was going out of style.
  12. by   rjflyn
    Earthchild- is it the generic sudafed or the name brand. Its quite possible you are actually allergic to the red dye or the povidone in the name brand product.

  13. by   mariedoreen
    I was recently told I was allergic to PCN but am in denial. Next time I was asked if I had any allergies I replied, "My dr says PCN but I'm appealing the decision. So, no."

    Don't you love morons like me? Keeps the job interesting !!
  14. by   uk_nurse
    im not allergic to medication i have taken but im allergic to nickle on button on inside of my works trousers. I have to cover it with a plaster. it really itches and the rash comes out all across my stomach. Have sensitive skin so have to be careful with some soaps and washing powders too.