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Do you feel that Nurses are underpaid and overworked? Or do you think nurses are adequately paid and worked? Let hear your opinion, post a reply to this message. ------------------ Brian... Read More

  1. by   YADA-YADA
    Well I definately think nurses are underpaid. It does not warm my heart that after 20 years of service I can look forward to 65,000 a year. (posted by BC512RN) Personally I think that stinks. No offense to BC512Rn intended. I just think we are worth more.
    Its not just hospital either, an RN in Occ health with 20 years of experince makes 60,000.
  2. by   JenMarie
    I have been working in a sugical ward in Auckland, New Zealand for about 18 months and am about to leave in 5 days time. The main reason I am leaving is beacause I feel so under-valued. I asked my charge nurse for an appraisal several times and I never had one in the whole time I was there. She hardly ever spoke to me. I asked her for a written reference and she didn't even know what my full name was (meaning people mostly called me by a shortened version of my name). In the refence she wasn't even specific in what was good about me that made me a good nurse. What blows me away is that a lot of people think she is wonderful, but how can you be wonderful if you don't even acknowledge you staff? I think it is really hard to feel valued especially if your immediate boss does not value you or take the time to give you feedback. I'm just glad I'm leaving and going to another hospital.
  3. by   CANRN
    I believe that nurses are given a fair wage, we are just expected to perform at levels that are far from human, not to mention unsafe for our patients and ourselves. The liability is just too high. Everytime we punch that time clock we put our entire futures on the line. It's not fair! What amazes me is how managers seem to have forgotten what it is like in the trenches. When they are told of the patient loads and the acquity of the patients we now are getting they *GASP* act surprised! Give me a break, nothing is done to change it! Infact, in the last three years I have seen it only get worse!
    Frankly, I am so tired and disenchanted with my career I can get nauseated thinking of having to go to work anymore! I NEVER used to feel that way!

    When the going gets tough, the tough look for other alternatives. I found mine!

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