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  1. mcrow

    Read this.....

    TRN, it is not that things can't be changed. Some things can. Work toward those as best you can. It is "the bigger picture" that is so hard to change. It really involves money, budgets, and cuts, that they give nurses no control over. Everyone has th...
  2. I haven't tried all thoses other routes b/c of the time and money involved, but I was able to start my own home based business part time. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done, and it has given me that light at the end of the tunnel I ha...
  3. mcrow

    nurse restructuring

    The best I remember from the last survey I was involved in, JCAHO requires that nurses be properly oriented to areas that they float to. Of course, as long as it looks like it is done on paper, some facilities will fudge this as much as possible. Tak...
  4. mcrow


    Well, I have had plenty of 8 hour shifts make me feel like I worked 36! Were you maybe referring to 36 hours in a week maybe?
  5. mcrow

    Nothing changes

    I find it sad that nurses who are mothers themselves have no compassion for fellow nurses who are pregnant or caring for their children or for the father of their children. Once, when I called in due to my young son being ill with an asthma episode, ...
  6. mcrow

    Read this.....

    It's nice to hear from someone with such enthusiasm. It reminds me of myself when I first got into nursing about 10 years ago. I am sorry to say that after many years of trying to change things, and your ideas being turned down or pushed aside, my sp...
  7. mcrow

    Independent Business Owners

    I have my own home based business I do part time. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a change in their lives. The company I work with makes it really easy to get started. I was so surprised. This has been my light at the end of the tunnel and ...
  8. Most of the time I don't feel there is enough time to safely care for our patients with all the added paperwork, etc. they expect us to do. Safe patient care loads are a rare thing. That is one reason I am getting out of nursing and going into my own...
  9. mcrow

    Nurse's Week. Whadya get?

    Our Doctors, not admin, had lunch catered in, chicken and such, and the nurse admin. served and provided cakes. It was pretty nice. On our unit the clerks and our pediatricians bought us lunch the day before and smelly-good bath stuff. Our unit staff...
  10. I agree that you should talk with this nurse, express your concerns. Surely she realizes that she could be missing a really important detail about the patients condition by not actually performing her assessments and documenting accordingly. If she d...
  11. I am so glad I no longer work where I have to put in OT like I did before. Administrators should realize it is policies like MO that causes nursing burn out and high turn overs. I feel for you who are having to put in more than 40 hours a week away f...
  12. mcrow

    Artificial fingernails

    There were several infant deaths in Oklahoma that have been linked as nosocomial infections caused by nurses artificial fingernails. I have been told by our infection control officer that hospitals in OKC and Tulsa have policies now that restrict art...
  13. mcrow

    Nursing in Oklahoma

    I live close to Tulsa, but I don't work there. I can send you some addresses and phone numbers if you want to email me. [This message has been edited by bshort (edited April 24, 2000).]
  14. mcrow

    Chronic Verbal Abuse by MD

    I find sometimes it works to "kill them with kindness". Also try to remain professional even when they are not. I had a ortho surgeon that belittled everyone on the floor. Eventually he ended up treating me with respect when he figured out I was a co...
  15. mcrow

    signing out medications

    I think the safest way is to get into the habit of first giving the med, then signing it off. There are just too many distractions that may cause you to forget to go back and to chart that the patient refused. [This message has been edited by bsh...
  16. Being overworked may not be the issue as much as working unsafely understaffed as most nurses do. The pay is not a big issue either other than when you compare other jobs in the hospitals where I've worked. A position requiring a license is often pai...