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  1. emhkirkpatrick

    Nurse's Week. Whadya get?

    The critical care nurses got a nice set of calipers--I don't know what any othr depatment got. Te hospital gave an ice cream social from 2-4 for nurses only I didn't have time to go to cafeteria but a coworked brought me a loaded sundae. Off shift w...
  2. emhkirkpatrick

    Advice needed, PLEASE

    Definitely get a second opinion about your health. Or you just may need to rearrange or change the drugs your on. Antidepressants are best taken at bedtime or even earlier depending on the type of anti-depresant. I find if that if I take my paxil ...
  3. emhkirkpatrick

    Nursing as a "Career?" Read this...

    Jerry That was wonderful and so funny My night like that included being nine months into a difficult pregancy big as a house and miserable physically. We do somuch with so little and no one who hasn't been there can understand both the satisfacton a...
  4. emhkirkpatrick

    Nursing is pathetic...

    I have felt the way nurse dude has and i have felt the way that mirn has. Its all part of nursing. I am one of 6 children--I have always found it interesting that my parents produced so many college educated children one has his doctorate and one h...
  5. emhkirkpatrick

    Obstacles to providing care

    AMEN TO ALL THE ABOVE REPLIES SO TRUE. The paperwork is atrocious and though chartingby exception is catching on,the institution i work at now insists on narrative on several of the things that are already on flowsheets such as there is a spot to ch...
  6. emhkirkpatrick

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    After 23 years I have worked an interseting combinations of all sorts of shifts. I too found that different shifts have worked better at different times and situations in may life. When my 3 girls were real little I found that the 12 hour shifts or ...
  7. emhkirkpatrick


    One quiet day in the Open Heart unit we were suddenly startled when a monitor went off and the patient--who was dependent on her temporary pacer--was having all sorts of wierd arrhythmias. Three of us barreled into her room to find the cover off the ...
  8. emhkirkpatrick


    I am glad to know that we're no the only ones--over the years I have participated in bets about weight gain during open heart surgery, post-op hemoglobins, how many drugs will show up on the tox screen, cardiac output, if the patient will have more r...
  9. emhkirkpatrick

    Do you feel that Nurses are underpaid and overworked?

    Boy do we sound like a bunch of BOB's--That's bitter old bitches. Unfortunatley the profession suffers from a lack of cohesiveness among it's members. And I am just as guilty as everyone else of compalining and not doing anything about it. What is t...
  10. emhkirkpatrick

    "Just a nurse?"

    Dear ecb AMEN!!!!!!
  11. I agree with Becky--I have been a nurse for 23 years mostly in critical care areas--there are some wonderful doctors and some real stinkers out there. But I have been blessed by working with some of the best. The medical director of one unit I worke...
  12. emhkirkpatrick

    UNSAFE healthcare

    Having recently lost my job because i asked to many questions about this very issue and was getting info from professional organizations about standards of care and distributing it to my coworkers I was more than happy to sign this petition and pass ...
  13. emhkirkpatrick

    descriptive terminology

    We had a patient who wasn't real bright and difficult to deal with. He had put his arm through a window while arguing with his wife and was upset that his fingers tingled. He just didn't seem to understand though we had explained several times that ...