Do you/ did you have a Nurses Cap? Pin? - page 9

how about it? my first cap was white cotton with a drawstring in the back. it sort of favored an old pioneer sunbonnet only without the large front part. the front was only about 1" wide. my... Read More

  1. by   sevensonnets
    I still wear my pin every day. It's one of the prettiest I've ever seen. 14 Karat gold, round with scalloped edges, green circle with the lamp in the center. I've been wearing it for 32 years and would be naked without it! Lost my cap years ago. One of our nursing supervisors wears a cap that looks like an upside ice cream cone!
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I too wear my pin every day. It's 14K gold, round with royal blue enamel and a gold cross in the centre. The school's name is embossed around the edge and it's engraved with the school's motto on the back: Estote Fideles (Be ye faithful). I love it. My cap is also worn every day, but I'm not the one wearing it. Eeyore does!
  3. by   Kat D LPN
    I graduated from LPN school in March. My pin is Sterling Silver. It is oval shaped with blue in the middle with white in the middle of the blue and in the middle of the white it has a red cross. around the edges it has our school name and practical nursing.
  4. by   Glimpsethepast
    I too continue to wear my grad pin each and every shift. As for the cap, I only wear it during nurses week and I am happy to do so. Never owned a navy cape but my Mother did. I have fond memories of my Mom coming home from work in her white dress with the navy cape over her shoulders, carrying her starched cap. That was back in the late 1960's.
  5. by   kids
    I still have my original pin and cap from 1990, both are considered 'prized' possessions and only brought out on special occasions.
    My pin:
    (With the guard and engraving I think I paid twice the current price 21 years ago, I still have my copy of the order form, I should look, lol).

    My class was the last one required to wear caps, it was the low Mercy type we wore them low on the back of our heads with the cuff starched close (so they weren't inclined to tangle in curtains), with the big bangs of the 80s they were just about invisible from the front. Students wore them plain, RNs added a 1/4" black ribbon placed precisely 1" below the top edge of the cuff.
  6. by   Zombi RN
    I have a white nursing cap, no stripe. It's the stiff cotton style, not the soft style. I have a nursing pin as well, it's silver, circular, and has the nightingale lamp on it. I wear it to work quite often (the pin, not the hat).

    As far as collectibles go, I have a WWII nurses' cape, the navy with the red lining, and I have two WWII American Red Cross volunteer hats, in the nursing style. One is grey and one is white. I also collect the WWII pins from the Red Cross, so I have various of those as well as a Navy Nurse Corps pin from the era. I treasure them.
  7. by   Fiona59
    Still have my cap and bring out during nurses week. Hey, I'm short and those extra four inches help!

    I have both my nursing pins. The ugly one from the College where I obtained my education and my registration pin from my provincial College (what the US would call a BON). The more attractive of the two is the provinciall pin which we only obtained after passing the registration exam and is engraved with our registration. One nurse I worked with told me it was her most expensive piece of jewellery because it cost her over $10K!