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how about it? my first cap was white cotton with a drawstring in the back. it sort of favored an old pioneer sunbonnet only without the large front part. the front was only about 1" wide. my... Read More

  1. by   Irish Nurse 89
    My cap is white, with a royal blue stripe. I still wear my nursing pin on my scrub top everyday. It is gold, with a blue cross on it.
  2. by   abundantjoy07
    Never had a cap.
    I got my pin during our pinning ceremony, but it's the ugliest hunk of metal I've ever seen. Therefore, I only wore it during my pinning ceremony. That night I threw it in one of my suitcases.
    Now that I'm back home, it's in a drawer...somewhere....

  3. by   R*Star*RN
    I really wish that some of the things which simbolized nursing throughout history were still in place, such as the cap and the cape and the pin.

    We didn't get a cap at our school, but we got pins. Cheapo pins. They are shield shaped with our school name and "RN" on it and a blue stone in the center which was the color of our scrubs during school but not the school colors. I was a little mad at the $5 pins because to me the "real" pins are the gold ones, I suppose I felt as if this one wouldn't last forever because it's some sort of plastic.

    After a while I got over that feeling, because even if the pin wears out the letters R.N. will be behind my name forever.
  4. by   daisybaby
    I used to wear my mom's cap when I was little- I thought it was the coolest thing ever! (she would have swatted my behind if she'd ever caught me!).

    I have a silver and green pin from my college, and a 14k gold Sigma Theta Tau pin with amethysts that I bought with $$ I got for graduation. It was a couple hundred bucks and I only wear it to conferences and such, but it was worth every penny to have a pretty symbol of all my hard work in school.
  5. by   FranNHRN
    I have both a cap and pin. My cap is rounded with gold and royal blue stripes. I used to wear my pin with my uniform, but almost lost it once. I'm so afraid of losing it that it sits in my jewlery box. It's gold with a white cross on it.
  6. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    We didn't have caps, but at graduation had the option of getting a pin. I didn't have the money for it at the time, but my Mama bought the school pin for me - a lovely white gold pin for me with my initials on the back. I don't wear it every day, as I'm terrified I'd lose it, but I wear it on my lab coat. It's one of my most cherished possessions.

    I wish I had a cap! During Nurse's Week some of the nurses busted-out their old school caps and wore them with pride. They looked lovely.
  7. by   booklmb
    Although I don't have my original nursing cap; I have been purchasing a generic one and have worn it for the vast majority of my nsg career. I also have never worn "scrubs". I prefer the professional white dress uniform, white lab coat, white stockings, and white shoes.
  8. by   aloha551
    Good for You!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   NexLvlDad
    I was not required nor expected to wear a cap. I did not buy nor feel the need to buy the pin. Last time I wore a cape, I was 7 years old and it was for halloween. I was Bat-Man!
  10. by   embarrasingfield
    My Class did not place any value on the caps since they are germ havens and also logistically dangerous. We felt the nurses safety was more important than the "tradition". Thus, many had a cap-burning or cap-stomping ceremony. I didn't destroy my own cap, but I never wore it after nursing nschool, and have no idea where it ended up after several moves.

    Most of us did keep and wear our pins. To be honest, after all these years of nursing, I don't wear my accolades, but I still do have the pin in my keeping. I also still wear nurse dresses if I am working in an environment that I know I can safely give care while wearing it.
  11. by   PetuniaRN
    Yes, we had nursing caps. They looked like oragami! Once we were seniors, we got the velvet black stripe glued to it! So tacky. All we did was hit our now 4 inch taller heads on the tv's in the patient rooms. Our school also still made us buy and wear our dresses on certain occassions--not just our pinning ceremony. It was OLD SCHOOL. We were also not ever allowed to wear anything resembling a sneaker/tennis shoe or clogs that were open in the back. Our poor males had these awful white lace-up clown shoes they made them wear. Our instructors all wore their nursing caps from their schools. Many also wore their dresses, and multiple nursing pins. It was like a parade from a museum. A coworker of mine says they had CAPES!! OMG, I would die.
  12. by   love-d-OR
    I was broke (seems to be the story of my life!), so I opted to use an old pin I owned instead of buying a nursing pin. The cap was optinal so I flat out did not bother to purchase of find a replacement!!
  13. by   pezzy68
    All i remember about my cap is it was white and a real pain when i had to wear it during clinicals.I would bend over, hit, the siderail,the curtain, even the pt a couple times,lol.I do remember a stripe on the side corner.I also had a pin, round gold, size of al little bigger than a nickel.I was SO glad i didnt have to wear my cap when i graduated, they had stopped that soon before i graduated...