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How many of you belong to your State Nurses Association? If so, why? If not, why not?... Read More

  1. by   babs_rn
    Never joined. Just more politics. Can't unionize in GA and the general complaints I've heard about the GNA is that they as a whole do nothing to further the cause of the working nurse. It's all theory....and forgive me but I NEED the UAP's!! (GNA wants to get rid of them). They make my day go much better and give me more time to be a NURSE instead of a maid.

    And I agree about the expense...single noncustodial child-support-paying mom just struggling here...

  2. by   Stargazer
    No, and the cost is why. $370/year is the very special
    "discounted" price for someone in my district NOT represented by WSNA for collective bargaining, which seems pretty steep to me. I'm not sure where that money is going anyway--the last time WSNA had bills pending in the state legislature, I had to contact them to find out about it because they hadn't updated their website in over 6 months.
  3. by   Tookie
    Yes I belong
    have forever l guess -

    Belong now to the NSW (State) branch of the ANF (Australian Nurses Federation)- was formally in the Victorian branch - live on a border so have to belong in the state in which we live

    Firmly believe in our nursing fedration - they have made a difference in progressive ways l think here in Australia

    I always recommend to any one who asks me, to join as it gives you professional protection, information - through their journals - you can ring for advice, help or to get information sent from the libary on different subjects - they are also very strong advocates for patient and residents rights as well as the rights of the nurse.

    The cost is highish - yes
    Cant remember - its a part time or full time basis - Its taken out of my wage at work - so dont really notice it - Its also tax deductable.

    Our nursing federation is a must for all nurses. I will also say to people who say that they wont join cause they dont do anything for me - well l ask them who worked for you for the last pay rise you got

    Regards - Tookie
  4. by   fab4fan
    I will not give my hard earned $$$$ to the ANA, since they are only interested in advanced practice nurses/nurses with minimum BSN, etc. My little 'ol diploma isn't enough for them...funny how they would still take my money, though.

    I do belong to the ENA; they have been more useful to me.

    Even if/when I finish my BSN, I can't imagine joining ANA...If there was ever a national organization that addressed the concerns of ALL nurses, that would be an organization I could support (BTW, I have been an ANA member before, and an officer in a local unit in the past, so the "get involved" argument doesn't work with me).
  5. by   kmchugh
    I do belong to the AANA, but intentionally never joined the ANA. My observations have been that the ANA does not serve nurses. Rather, it serves other organizations, such as the hospital associations, and tries with all it's might to get nurses to toe the line, rather than question whether that line should even be there.
  6. by   judy ann
    I have not joined ANA or CNA for several reasons. Because of the cost, their goals do not match mine, they support local candidates that I personally disagree with, the office holders are almost entirely educators, nothing that they have proposed have benefited me or other staff level nurses. I have, however, been a member of AHWONN since it was NAACOG and was just beginning. It has been responsive to my needs and has set goals by listening to all of its membership. The cost is affordable ($108) and that includes the JOGN and other publications as well as discounts to several educational offerings. The office holders are a cross section of all nursing positions, and all members vote on the candidates., even for the smallest local offices. I realize that AWHONN is geared for womens health, obstetric, and neonatal nurses, and other nurses might not want to be members, but you may join at a lower membership cost as an associate member. I have never felt like an intruder at an AWHONN meeting, but I have never felt comfortable at an CNA meeting, even when it was arranged to be a joint meeting with other nurse organizations.
  7. by   chartnurse
    Never joined in 20 years. Price / dues are way too high, never felt it was worth it.