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I am a nursing student and today one of my fellow students was telling me how she expects to make a mistake in her career that will lead to a patient's death. She then said every person she knows in... Read More

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    Yeah we can agree on the emojis thang for sure!
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    A flame thrower? I literally just asked a question.....isn't that what this is for?
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    Quote from justtryintonurse
    A flame thrower? I literally just asked a question.....isn't that what this is for?
    Yes, it is. Ignore the ones who are being unnecessarily harsh. Please know your nursing school colleague is full of beans.

    Yes, I would say that every nurse has or will make a med error at some point in his/her career. The vast majority of med errors do not cause patient harm, let alone kill a person.
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    I feel like you didn't read my original post of the post that I was responding to. I was simply asking if there was truth to a rumor I heard about nursing, and someone suggested that I was "gullible" and that I shouldn't go into nursing because of it. Am I crazy, or does that just not make any sense? I appreciate all positive responses. But that response in particular seems illogical and overly negative.
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    Quote from klone
    You see a flame thrower, I see a naïve student who is asking an earnest (albeit somewhat alarming) question.
    I see a flame thrower, but its not the OP...ahem.
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