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I work in a small rural hospital. I work weekends only, 12 hr shifts 7a-7p. What do you say when you are asked quite often your religion, when you go to church, what church you attend, are you... Read More

  1. by   VivaRN
    I read in Dear Abby once that if you are asked personal questions, smile sweetly and say "Well who wants to know!?", then change the subject. I have done this numerous times with good results.

    I agree with other posters who said religion-oriented personal questions are sometimes a cultural thing with folks.

    Working in the South, I had a patient ask me "Are you Christian?"... but what he meant was "Can I trust you?". I'm not Christian, but in the moment I answered yes because I could see this was about more than chit-chat. He went on to share his feelings about death and how he would never have children (26yo AIDS cancer pt). Of course it's a case-by-case basis, but at times you do have to get past the personal question aspect to see what the patient is really asking.