Difficult Tasks or Problems?

  1. Hi.
    I was wondering what type of everyday problems you face in your practice.

    Also, what seems to be the task that you seem to try to avoid as often as possible?

    (trying to get a little insight)


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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Difficult situations...well daily I think of most things I find more "challenging" to be things that take too long in paperwork before and during a task. Those can be a pure pain and time consuming when you can be doing other tasks. Bloodwork, HIPAA items, neuro checks sometimes with a heavy load of pts, PCA paperwork q shift (since most of my folks are on them...it takes a long time!), and such. I get it done, but it is a lot of writing and less patient interaction when I feel I wish to work with my patient more!

    Things I WISH to try to avoid is dealing with family most often. I do do it, but it can be a sad or angry situation quickly so I have to use many social tools to get anything done. And talk about time consuming! Complaints are another one I don't like at all...that is a huge chain of paperwork and notifications. I get it all done because it is my job, and does help the patient..but whewwwwwwwie...if I have a busy day it is almost impossible to please people to their personal satisfaction I will tell you!

    Things I actually avoid like the plague...telling family info when they are not authorized (but I will try to get the HIPAA stuff signed so I can if the Pt agrees), and telling news that the MD should be telling...like prognosis for dying pts or other news that is going to need the MD there to answser anyway! I do my best to back them up when they have told them though so I can sort through all the things they were to shocked or sad to clarify.

    The way I look at it....if it requires and MD or really should have an MD signing off...I don't have one so I don't do it. I will facilitate for that for the bettement of my patient...but doing the task...nope!

    Common day problems for me arrise when I have a very heavy load and they give me an elderly pt that is trying to get out of bed every few minutes and is agressive. Nothing can mess up your schedule and time with patients then that. I really utilize the CNA's and my time to accomidate for this as much as possible (I share that load..not fair to put it all on them). But that one really ticks me! If you are going to have to basically babysit a patient...get a one on one, or lighten that load significantly.

    (I had two surgeries come back at the same time yesterday..total knee, total open small bowel resection...and my little old lady was out of bed every 5 minutes and about to fall. How was I to take care of my post surgery pts if I was running to an ambu alarm anytime I got started on anything??? Oh yeah, and my TWO other patients that barely saw me???).

    Different challenges on different days...but you get the gist...
  4. by   Markthemalenurse
    Quote from ASUDesign07
    I was wondering what type of everyday problems you face in your practice.

    Also, what seems to be the task that you seem to try to avoid as often as possible?

    (trying to get a little insight)


    Since I work in the mental health field the biggest problem I face is from time to time a patient won't take his or her medication and since it his or her right to refuse all you can do it document and couch the patient as to why the medication is important.

    What task do I try to avoid - PAPERWORK
  5. by   MelRN13
    The biggest problem I face is when medically stable patients get placed in ICU. They are sometimes more time consuming then the critical patients. Today I had a patient who thought he should be able to go out and smoke (we're a tobacco free campus and he was a quad without his wheelchair).
    Try explaining that every hour for the past 12.

    The thing I try to avoid the most-suppositories/enemas.
  6. by   ASUDesign07
    thanks for the insight,

    Anyone else?

  7. by   purplemania
    I am an educator. The most difficult thing I face is deadlines. Especially deadlines with inadequate resources to achieve them. The thing I dread the most is --------- well, I can't think of anything. I like my job. Sometimes there is stress, but overall I like it.
  8. by   neygray
    Thing I tried to avoid the most used to be IV starts, I couldn't hit a vein even if it was as big as a 2x4. But, now that I am coming along in that area, it's trach care. All of us have issues, be it emesis, BM, etc and mine is secretions. I often trade that task with another nurse for one that she has issues with when I have a trach patient.