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  1. I am an OB nurse in a small hospital and there is one female physician that has her favorite nurses. I currently have made the transition from LPN to RN and I have worked on the unit for three years. One nurse that has been there for 10 years was recently fired based on numerous complaints. This doctor is mad about it and is treating us bad. She has "picked" on me before and I am afraid it is starting again. I do my job and I have not ever been in trouble or had any complaints. I need some advice about how to handle this doctor and need to know what I can do legally if it were to come to this. By the way, I do have the support of my supervisor.
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  3. by   RN always
    oh you poor thing. This is what I hate most about being a nurse is dealing with the docs. some can be great and nice and others can really make our job the pits. If you think it could really lead to trouble I would start by keeping a journal of everything that happens and is said. Hopefully you will have a witness to these events. Good luck and hold your head up high!
  4. by   sanakruz
    Yep- document , document , document
    No union?
  5. by   fab4fan
    Can you go to the doc and say, "I feel like you are uncomf. working with me. Is there a problem that you would like to discuss?"

    I actually did this with a doc, and we worked out our differences. In the end, he became one of my biggest boosters.

    What do you have to lose? If she says "no," then you have done everything you could do. Make sure your manager knows if you do this, because it will make you look like the bigger person, and will give you some additional credibility (not saying you need any more, but every bit helps).

    Sometimes, people don't like us for no reason in particular. It's a shame, because it does hurt, and can interfere with pt. care. If you give this doc an opportunity to air whatever it is that is bugging her and she denies the prob. but continues to treat you that way, at least you behaved like the adult.

    It's a tough situation; good luck.
  6. by   RN MARY
    Thanks to you all for all of the good advice so far. This has given me a good place to start. I hope this problem soon ends.
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  7. by   mattsmom81
    Great advice from everyone...you might also consider asking your supervisor sit in on the conversation with the doc if you think that may do some good.

    Best wishes...I know these docs can be hell on wheels sometimes. If she is a bully type you may have to confront her soon because she may keep this up til you do.
    Put all 3 of you in a room and sort it out. Have your supervisor and the Dr and yourself in the room, and whittle it down to what the problem is.... You never know it may not have anything to do with you but the Drs overall outlook on things and having the supervisor on your side before hand is an added touch.