Did anyone fail their boards the first time around?

  1. I am a new grad and just recently took my boards. I have not heard back yet and it's driving me crazy. Did any of you have to re-take your boards? How did you handle it? What did you do in the meantime while you were waiting to re-take them?
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  3. by   darn1219
    I don't know of anyone who walked away from their boards thinking they didn't fail! Keep your chin up. Before you know it that letter will arrive with ,RN after your name. Good Luck
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you and keep the faith!
  5. by   nursecheryl
    I think the ones who fail are the first ones who know. I bet you passed.
  6. by   RoadRunner
    Has anyone been sure to pass after taking their boards!?!?!?

    We go throught all the phases.
    Happy it's over... Should have anwsered that instead... Gee, I think I screw up... I know I screw up... Why shouldn't I became a (anythink but nurse will do) instead... Oh! There are my results, could you open that for me please...

    I'm sure you did great.
    Good luck to you and keep smiling!
  7. by   labornurse
    After I took my boards, the first thing I thought was that I failed!
    I was in tears. I passed and I am sure you will too. Good Luck!
  8. by   live4today
    Relax and trust in your ability to have passed that exam! Congrats on graduating from nursing school, and soon you'll have that license to show off too. :hatparty:

    It will do you NO GOOD to have someone come on this thread and tell you they "failed" first time around. Just think of what that would do to your confidence level? So.....breathe and stop your worrying. :kiss
  9. by   LoisJean
    Believe us! You passed! Congrats!!!!
  10. by   NICUNURSE
    You guys ae awesome!!! Thank you so much. I really needed some words of encouragement.
  11. by   MollyMo
    I'm from the old school of boards. They weren't using computers then. In answer to your question, I failed the first time. I worked in between and honed my skills and nailed that bad boy the second time around. Believe within yourself that you made it the first time. But understand you are no less a nurse if you didn't. Keep us posted. And congratulations for graduating. :hatparty:
  12. by   donmurray
    I fell at the UK equivalent hurdle, nailed it second time around. As MollyMo said, you are no less a nurse for tripping over a test. Now you know what to expect, in the unlikely event of your not passing first go.
  13. by   Kayzee
    Don't worry you'll pass. Everyone here is supporting you, its good luck you know.
  14. by   shygirl
    I was positive I had failed. I had the max questions. My girlfriend left after 20 minutes of testing. She got her reply that she had passed within 3 weeks! I didn't get mine for another 6 weeks. Each and every day that passed, I was more and more miserable. One day they came. I PASSED! YEAH. Boy, was I happy. You will be too.