Dialysis Nurse?

  1. Hello :-) I'm curious to know how to become a Dialysis Nurse as an RN? What are some of the companies out there that train? How much is the starting pay and potential? How's the demand for it? How rewarding is it? Thanks and have a nice day :-)
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  3. by   nurse1975_25
    Hello there,

    I have no idea about dialysis nursing but I wanted to give you a replay and wish you the best of luck on your career. I put a post on here and no one has replied - it doesn't feel nice. (laughing at myself) Have a good one!
  4. by   Chie
    Hello! Nurse1975_25,
    I Just want to ask if you can give me some advise on how to prepare for my upcoming RN exam from the CNO. I am new here in Canada and i don't have any idea what type of exams do they give, i just got my permission to take the exam last week. Thanks in advance.
  5. by   nrsjo
    I switched from critical care to dialysis just in the last few months. I work in a chronic unit. After 10 years in ICU, this is like factory work. If you need excitment, this is not the place. I like my patients, and I love the hours. The pay is as good as the hospital, minus the bedside differentials.

    There is a demand for nurses out there, and I think everyone is hiring right now.

    I sure have no regrets about the change
  6. by   HoJo
    I do know of 1 company around my area for hemodialysis, I think they called their company Davita. Not sure if its national or regional (midwest). Hope this is of at least some help.
  7. by   sjoe
    Check out your local and national nursing magazines. Several companies offer free training (though what they might want in return varies).
  8. by   charissa
    Hemo nurses are in damend. My mother did a transfer there from MICU, which she loves, and now loves dialysis. She is leaving her job which is split between the 2 to go back to dialysis full time. She will be making around 25/hr starting with a new company, and will work either 4 10's or 3 12's. I believe she is going with RCG, one of the largest groups in the country from what i understand. She tells me she likes getting to know her patients better than she did in any other type of nursing, kind of having more of a connection, heck you see them 3 times a week! THere are alot of thigns she just seems to love about it. Anyway, her old facility trained her when she first left ICU for it.