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What's the most unusual patient you've ever had? I've had a couple--one was a woman whose admit orders included that she was NOT to have any food from home. They suspected that her husband was... Read More

  1. by   Sun0408
    Herpesviral Encephalitis in a 95 year old
  2. by   loriangel14
    Accidental ingestion of Tide.
  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    chicken pox encephalitis in a 23 year old new kindergarten teacher. Varicella vax was relatively new at the time. She didn't realize that she never had chicken pox when younger, caught it from one of her students who was sent to school with a fever in the prodromal stage (day before the blisters appeared). Mom thought she could get away with giving a dose of Tylenol, send the kid to school and go to work. Didn't work out so well...especially when the health department was able to identify who transmitted it to the teacher.
  4. by   mom_coach_nurse
    Quote from judy ann
    Having worked labor and delivery for many years, I have seen many anomolies. We had a cyclops (single eye in forhead) and a mermaid (different hospitals!) Thank God we had so very many healthy kids.
    omg, a mermaid & cyclops?! Wow...
  5. by   Trekfan
    Wow no one saw the iud on an x ray in 30 years?
  6. by   SNB1014
    VATER syndrome. 1987. Had she been more much earlier they wouldn't have know what to do. 49 surgeries later, the little girl grew up to be me and I graduate in Dec w my RN! :-)
  7. by   LouisVRN
    SJS, Serotonin Syndrome, and Werncike-Korsakoff's Encephalopathy, as well as 2 cases of Adrenal insufficiency/
  8. by   mariebailey
    Quote from kessadawn
    STDs in a 2 year old
    Sad. I take it Social Services paid a visit.
  9. by   uRNmyway
    Quote from dinah77
    I'm assuming this child was sexually abused...that's usually what this means.
    Could it not be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth? I realize STD testing is usually done during pregnancy, and if found, they do C-section. But, if not known about, or baby born unexpectedly, things like that..
    Maybe I'm just being an optimist, but I would hope more cases would be from ignorance vs pedophilia...
  10. by   anotherone
    Munchausens is a pretty common one. Leech therapy is one I thought I wouldn't see but have a few times.
  11. by   violetrays
    "Sep 12 by lindseylpn Flesh eating bacteria, cat scratch fever "

    I had cat scratch fever as a kid, I remember my lymph nodes swelled a lot.

    One I haven't seen here is trichinosis, my neighbor had it about 15 years ago. No one knew what it was and the doctors couldn't figure it out. He almost died, lost tons of weight became invalid for months. The parasite basically ate all his muscles and was starting to go after his organs.

    He has a picture album that is interesting documenting the stages.
    Then one day they decided to test for it and it came back positive. He took some anti parasite drug (not sure what) and he was back to normal in a month.

    Also here where I live there is a disease that isn't too uncommon called Rat Lung Worm. I've known people to die (well they killed themselves from the pain), some end up in comas with brain damage, and some get it and nothing bad happens but a headache and then it goes away.

    I live in rural Hawaii.
  12. by   violetrays
    He got the trichinosis from eating raw mongoose.
  13. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from anotherone
    Munchausens is a pretty common one. Leech therapy is one I thought I wouldn't see but have a few times.
    We have someone on leech therapy probably once or twice a month; maggot therapy is rare, but also done.

    Had a Munchhausen's by proxy. Finally dx'd after several of the kid's line cultures came back positive for organisms only found in poop.