Decision Made & Scared To Death!!

  1. I have finally made my decision about rather to pursue an LPN or RN program. I have decided to go ahead and finish up my pre-reqs for the RN program at our community college and I am scared to death!! I have come out this semester with a 4.0 average and realize the classes will get harder.

    This has been an agonizing decision for me!! I have thought this through this entire semester and did not make lightly of my decision.

    I will apply for the Fall 08 RN Program and hopefully get in and be able to finish up the Spring semester of 2010. That just sounds so far off!!

    I had applied to the LPN program at school (letters have never been sent out) for the Fall 08 program. My A&P teacher really believes I will get in, however, I do not want to do a LPN Bridge Program to RN.

    I really want to work in Labor & Delivery and know I will have to be an RN to do that.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you have responded to my many posts regarding this subject and I'm sure I will be posting a lot over the next couple of years.

    Blessings to all!!
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  3. by   Cherish
    Well I hope you pursue your dream of going RN. You should do well since you have a 4.0. Wish you the best!
  4. by   beanie29
    Congratulations on making a decision, I know it must have been difficult. But now you have a plan and you can focus on that!
  5. by   suzanne in hawaii
    Looking forward to hearing about your nursing school experience. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!
    With your gpa you have proven that you are a good learner, and it will be a lot smoother than you think.
  6. by   labcat01
    Congrats on your decision... now just take it one day at a time
  7. by   ann945n
    2010 seems far away just like 2008 seemed for me a few years back, trust me it will fly by!
    I wish the best of luck!
  8. by   HisHands
    You made your decision. Work it. Own it. Bust your hump, and fulfill that dream. You have a great resource here, and we are all rooting for you!
  9. by   allantiques4me
    Congratulations! And 4.0 is great!Good luck!