Day in the life of a RN

  1. Hi all I am wanting to start studying to be a nurse but I am still a bit unsure if I can handle all the stress and responsibility.

    Can you enlighten me on what a typical day looks for you in whatever area you work in? What you see and do on the norm?

    Also are you expected to know about all medications and illnesses etc off the top of your head?
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  3. by   purplegal
    0700-0730 Get report and count narcotics
    0730-0745 Skim over MAR and TAR to plan the day
    0745-11 am Morning med pass, getting weights, etc
    11-1300Lunch time, blood sugars, insulin, maybe get a start on charting
    1300-1400 Treatments such as wound care, bladder scans, charting, get started on 2 pm meds
    1400-1600 Afternoon medication pass
    1600-1800 Supper, blood sugars, insulin, some evening meds
    1800-1900 Charting
    1900-1930 Report and count narcs
    1930-? Finish up charting, daily assessments, Braden scales, skin assessments, admission assessments
  4. by   purplegal
    There are so many meds it's not possible to always know every single one of them right away. But you do need to know which ones to hold for low blood pressure, recognize that you don't need a pain level for atorvastatin even though the MAR requires you chart one upon administration, know which ones are better given with food and which ones to give on an empty stomach, etc. As for illnesses, you don't always need to know exactly what is wrong but you do need to recognize that something is wrong and know who to contact and whether or not the person may require a higher level of care, etc.
  5. by   caycayney
    Ahh thank you for your reply! What unit do you work in?
    Do you ever have to decide what meds to give to a patient or is it always decided by a Dr?
  6. by   That Guy
    0700 - show up for shift
    0703 - abort plan, all hell is breaking loose

    rinse repeat, enjoy.
  7. by   rkitty198
    Can I like the above a million times over?
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from That Guy
    0700 - show up for shift
    0703 - abort plan, all hell is breaking loose

    rinse repeat, enjoy.
    In my experience, that's three minutes too long.
  9. by   missmollie
    7p-7:30p: Get report
    7:30-8: do first assessment and introduce self to patients.
    8-8:30: chart
    8:30-9:30: med pass
    9:30-10: turn patients.
    10-11:30: Follow up on any issues that need addressed either with doctors, patients, patient family. Ambulate patients if necessary and able to do so. Give a bath or two.
    11:30-12: Midnight med pass
    12-1: lunch
    1-1:30: chart
    2: turn patients. meds if needed. check orders for lab orders.
    2-3: check orders, do goals, and chill.
    3-4: Collect blood, do 4am med pass. turn, ambulate, toilet. This is when I do trach care and change tube feed bags.
    4-4:30: chart
    4:30-6: check blood, replace electrolytes, chill
    6: med pass, clear pumps, clean up any charting that is necessary.
    7: report.

    I only have 3 patients and I work in progressive care. It differs depending on your unit and this is a perfect night. Often it's not perfect, but I am pretty much guaranteed an hour of time to myself from 2-3 so long as someone is not crashing. Sometimes we have lumbar drains that have to be emptied Q1 hours. Often we'll have a least one neuro stroke patient with Q1 or Q2 stroke assessments. That changes the schedule quite a bit. I do love perfect nights, but they are rare.
  10. by   That Guy
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    In my experience, that's three minutes too long.
    I was being generous haha.
  11. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from That Guy
    I was being generous haha.
    You spelled 'delusional' wrong....
  12. by   caycayney
    so basically, don't become a nurse